My Favorite 20 Athletes In Philadelphia Sports History

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My Favorite 20 Athletes In Philadelphia Sports History

This will be the definitive list of the 20 greatest athletes in Philadelphia Pro Sports History. Sort of. At least my favorites anyway. The criteria used are as follows:

1. An expert panel of judges (me) was interviewed for this list. All decisions are final and unassailable. Also, they are completely subjective as to how much I liked the guy or not.

2. I am 35 years old, so this list covers only athletes that I have seen and can remember, so anybody before, say, 1979, will not be on this list.

I'm sure Steve Van Buren was off the heezy in 1948, or whatever the kids were saying then, but he will not be on here, so don't look for him. And really, if you are looking for intelligent, in depth analysis like that, I'm not your guy. Sorry.

3. Preferential consideration was given to players who have rings. Sadly, that isn't too many.

4. Anybody who played for any of the major 4 pro sports teams (Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, Sixers) from 1980 onward, for any length of time is eligible. This means that Danny Tartabull is eligible, or rather, he would be if he didn't suck while he was here for an hour and a half, and Joe Frazier is not.

Guido Merkins is eligible, Kelvin Bryant is not. Geoff Jenkins is eligible, that guy who caught the winning touchdown for the Soul in the Arena Bowl is not. You get the idea.

5. A lot of consideration is given to what my dad thinks, as he is the smartest guy I know, and a lot of my early sports direction came from him.

In other words, play hard, no matter the score, if somebody isn't getting up, make sure it's the other guy, and GET OUT OF THE LANE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, THREE SECONDS!!! Also. more recent players are given preference too, as I tend to have a shady memory.

Let's do this.

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