Michigan Football: 5 Under-the-Radar Recruits in the 2013 Class

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIFebruary 4, 2013

Michigan Football: 5 Under-the-Radar Recruits in the 2013 Class

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    Every year, there are always a number of sleeper recruits in a team's class that wind up being absolute studs.

    Who are those players in Michigan's 2013 class? Here's a look at a few under-the-radar players who could wind up being big contributors in the future.

    Obviously, this is a matter of opinion, but these five men simply don't seem to be getting enough attention.

5. Delano Hill

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    This one may not seem fair because Hill is actually quite highly rated in a number of recruiting services. Yet, he is still getting little-to-no attention.

    Maybe it's because Michigan did not offer him a scholarship until very late in the process, causing him to commit only a few weeks ago.

    It could also be because Derrick Green's commitment came pretty quick after his. Regardless, Hill is a defensive back who could wind up playing either safety or corner in Michigan's secondary someday.

    A local Cass Tech player, it's good to see Hill stay home and choose to play for Michigan.

4. Maurice Hurst

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    Maurice Hurst is the kind of defensive tackle that Brady Hoke loves to have on the interior line, as he can eat up blocks and wreak havoc.

    Already weighing over 300 pounds, Hurst has the makings of being a future stud. It would be nice if he was a bit taller, but that's obviously not his fault.

    Seeing as how Michigan basically has three defensive line coaches in Hoke, Greg Mattison and Jerry Montgomery, you'd think they'd be able to coach Hurst into a dominant force someday.

    There's a good chance he winds up playing alongside Ondre Pipkins in the future, which has the potential of being a dangerous duo.

3. Da'Mario Jones

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    Michigan is in need of playmaking wide receivers, and according to the rankings, they once again don't have any in this 2013 class.

    None of the three they have are highly ranked, but some fans do seem to be high on Da'Mario Jones.

    He is a local Michigan native who was once committed to Central Michigan but chose to switch his pledge when the Wolverines offered a scholarship.

    Jones is 6'2", yet he is the shortest of the three receivers Michigan has committed. It just goes to show you what kind of body type the coaches are looking for in the wideouts they go after.

2. Channing Stribling

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    It's easy to put Channing Stribling this high on the list. It seems to be a general consensus that he is underrated, as he hails from the talent-rich state of North Carolina.

    Stribling stands 6'2" and is an ideal size for the type of corner Hoke is looking for.

    Don't be surprised if Stribling turns into a real contributor on defense someday.

    Sure, the rankings may have this kid ranked very low, but the potential is off the charts. He first caught the Michigan staffs' eye at a skills camp, causing them to do something very impressive—offer him a scholarship right on the spot.

1. Deveon Smith

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    Having Deveon Smith No. 1 on this list is an absolute no-brainer. Derrick Green is getting all the hype when talking about Michigan running backs, but Smith deserves some too.

    Regardless of Green's progression as a freshman or Toussaint's recovery timetable, Smith is going to see action next year. He is simply too good to redshirt.

    Michigan got an absolute steal when they pulled this kid out of the state of Ohio. Again, Green is getting all the attention, but he and Smith could form a dangerous duo for years to come.

    We could already see glimpses of that duo beginning here in 2013.