Wonderful Pistachios Gets Crackin' Gangnam Style with Psy for 2013 Super Bowl Ad

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 3, 2013

Apparently, "Gangnam Style" is still very much alive in 2013, as proved in this Super Bowl commercial for Wonderful Pistachios featuring Psy. 

The Korean superstar owned nearly every last bit of 2012, only sharing room with "Call Me Maybe" and Kate Upton for pop culture dominance. 

Just when you thought you heard the last of what is this century's "Macarena," Wonderful Pistachio hops on board the bandwagon just long enough for the last vestiges of popularity. 

Now, when you are humming the tune all week, you can blame the purveyors of delicious pistachio snacks. 

As for the commercial, it works to bash your brain into submission until you crave a little pistachio of your own to enjoy. 

At least that's what I think they are going with. 

The "Gangnam Style" hook begins with a thunderous beat as we get a close-up of the nut, only to see it blow up to show an amped-up Psy ready to dance his way into your living room. 

Fear would normally have me turn the channel, but I continue watching because this is the Super Bowl. 

The rest of the commercial is much like the music video for the popular song, only with the word "crackin'" being inserted. Oh, and there are more dancing pistachios. 

I would say this is the last we hear of this song, but I would be wrong. 


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