Beyonce's Halftime Show Backup Dancers Almost Steal Show Themselves

RM HeroldFeatured ColumnistFebruary 3, 2013

Beyonce at the Super Bowl
Beyonce at the Super BowlChristopher Polk/Getty Images

First let's state the obvious.

Beyonce was awesome during the Super Bowl halftime show. She was beautiful, sexy and she sang live. At least I think she did.

And her halftime performance was pretty much like we thought it might be: full of dancing, singing bright lights and energy.

I was as impressed, as were many folks out on Twitter because, of course, she was trending like crazy. Now that we got that out of the way early let's do some in-depth analysis. 

Mrs. Carter (as she will be called in the future according to rumors) took a huge chance casting such hot backup dancers.

The ladies were all gorgeous and were all great dancers as well. Some of them were a little too hot to be back up dancers. Which tells me that Beyonce is pretty secure in her diva-hood. Yep, I made up a word.

But then Beyonce really ratcheted things up a notch by bringing out her old partners from Destiny's Child.

Yes, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams put down whatever they were busy doing and decided to join the Queen Bee on stage at the Super Bowl.

Anyone who has followed Destiny's Child will tell you that Kelly was always been a bit underrated and some might say she was reaching for Beyonce's crown near the end of the group's run.

I am here to testify that time has done nothing but made Ms. Rowland even hotter. 

It could be the cynic in me but at some point while the three of them were singing during halftime I think Beyonce took a good look at Michelle and Kelly and said enough is enough. 

Soon after, Beyonce kicked her two partners off the stage and went back to being a solo act. I am not mad at you, B.

Protect the crown.