Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Most Overrated Ads from This Year's Game

Shawn Brubaker@@63brubakerContributor IIFebruary 4, 2013

Plenty of commercials have gained notoriety or acclaim during Sunday's Super Bowl. Some have done so deservedly, like Amy Poehler's brilliant Best Buy spot. Others, however, falter for various reasons, including plenty of overrated ads.

The most overrated ads are usually quite entertaining, but they fail to adequately sell their product. This is a common theme among advertisers that often try too hard to be funny or entertaining. 

Let's take a look at ads that fall into that trap.


Kaley Cuoco's Toyota RAV4 Ad

This ad got a good amount of press thanks to Kaley Cuoco's presence and the unorthodox subject matter. 

That said, the ad isn't particularly funny to me, but more importantly, it fails to sell the product. This ad doesn't make me want to buy a RAV4 so much as make me want a genie.

The car is only really featured in the last few seconds of the ad. For an ad to really succeed, the product has to be the central feature, and the RAV4 is simply a side-performer in this spot.


Flaming Lips Hyundai Ad

This ad shares the same problem as the RAV4 ad: The car is not center stage. The manic, rapid-fire jokes are relatively funny, but at the expense of actually selling the product. The car is rarely on screen and is not on screen at all during the last 10 seconds of the ad.

The lasting impression from this ad is that having a band play over my life would be fun. Also, family road trips tend to end up wacky. However, I am not enthused by the automobile itself, nor its portrayal. 


Century-21 Mini-Mart Ad

This is one of the most acclaimed commercials from this year's collection of Super Bowl ads, but there are a few things that stand out as problematic.

First of all, the mustard on the gentleman's mustache kind of grosses me out. I might be alone in that regard, but that sticks out to me in this commercial.

Second, and probably more importantly, the ad relies almost exclusively on audio, rather than visual, to make its pitch. Unlike the other ads on this list, this one does center around the product, but it does so without visual cues. To most effectively pitch the product, Century-21 needed to incorporate some kind of housing or real estate imagery. 

As it stands, this commercial was mildly funny, but not worthy of the acclaim it has received.