Beyonce's Crisp, Lip-Sync-Free Super Bowl Performance Should Quiet Her Haters

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Beyonce's Crisp, Lip-Sync-Free Super Bowl Performance Should Quiet Her Haters
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In a word, Beyonce was spectacular. OK, I need one more word: sexy. To all the haters that were talking about the performer lip-syncing at President Obama's inauguration, Beyonce says take that.

As far as I could tell, Beyonce was belting out the lyrics and setting the stage on fire.

If you had told me Beyonce was going to do the entire Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show without Jay-Z, I would have told you: "I'll pass."

After watching what I consider to be the best performance in the history of the big game's intermission, I didn't even miss Jay.

I'm a major hip hop fan, and I'm not one of those cats that thinks Lil Wayne is the GOAT. Rakim is my personal favorite of all-time, so I go back some years. Even with that affinity for the music, I was still satisfied with Beyonce's Jay-Z-less performance.

Her dancing was impeccable, and the Destiny's Child reunion was pretty solid.

Kelly Rowland was on par with Beyonce in terms of beauty. 

Michelle was there too...hey, she did the best she could. I applaud her spirited effort.

I couldn't argue with the song choice with the song choice either. The performance gave us a nice medley of hits. We were treated to Bootylicious, Bills, Bills, Bills, Halo and more.

If there were any questions about Beyonce's ability to turn in a grade-A dance routine this deep into her career, she put that to rest as well.

Nobody moves like B, and she made it pleasantly obvious in this performance.

The NFL will have a difficult time matching this for next year's Super Bowl. Beyonce truly set the standard for how to entertain at halftime of the nation's biggest football game.

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