2008 MLB Betting: Team Win Total Over-Unders

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMarch 28, 2008


I felt like doing a prediction article, so I decided to do MLB wins. I'm sorry if my lines are off.  If I got false information, I apologize.

Without further delay, lets get to the predictions.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Line at 87.5. Over. The Dodgers are the favorite in the NL West, and have a very good rotation. The line-up is solid. I expect 91 or 92 wins.

Philadelphia Phillies: Line at 88. Under. The Phillies have lots of pitching questions. Behind Cole Hamels, nothing is solid. They have a good line-up, but the pitching fails them.

New York Mets: Line at 92.5 . Over. With Johan Santana, the rotation looks fairly solid. Santana, John Maine, and a healthy Pedro made a good rotation. The lineup is loaded as always, and I expect 94 or 95 wins.

Seattle Mariners: Line at 85. Over. Erik Bedard and Felix Hernandez make a very good 1-2 punch in the rotation. The lineup led by Ichiro is good. I expect 89 or 90 wins.

Detroit Tigers: Line at 93.5 . Under. The Tigers have rotation questions behind Verlander. The bullpen looks a little shaky. The lineup is very loaded, but pitching issues prevent the over for wins. I expect 90 or 91 wins.