Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Leaking Ads Online Bad for NFL

Jeremy Fuchs@@jaf78Correspondent IIIFebruary 3, 2013

Video Courtesy of YouTube.
Video Courtesy of YouTube.

Plenty of 2013 Super Bowl commercials were leaked online before the big event.

This is bad news for the NFL.

A good amount of people tune into the game simply for the commercial. They want to see which the are funniest, which are the sexiest and which are the most controversial.

These are the ads that grab everyone's attention and are discussed at the water cooler the next day. 

But if they're leaked online early, the luster is lost.

If someone can watch all the ads online beforehand, they may not even tune in for the game.

That's bad for the NFL.

That's a substantial amount of people who won't turn into the game because they've already seen the ads. 

These are people who could've been turned into fans and people who could've spent money on NFL products. 

It would be better if companies would tease the ads, showing just a bit of the concept, to get people interested.

But showing people the whole thing ruins the point. Super Bowl Sunday is not just a game, it's a time for people to come together and eat good, fried food. They watch the game, yes, but they comment on the commercials and enjoy each other's company.

By leaking the ads, that part is taken away from people. Now, there's no incentive to stay at your seat during the Super Bowl. You may get up, walk around or pull out your smartphone. You may end up missing parts of the game in the process.

The NFL will be losing fans. While it's nice to be able to watch the ads online, it can certainly wait until after the game. 

Releasing them early defeats the purpose of the Super Bowl. It becomes just another ad, just another game. 

The NFL has to do what it can to make sure these ads do not come out early.