Worst Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Go Daddy's Spot for Big Game Was Perplexing

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 4, 2013

image from USA Today
image from USA Today

Sexy commercials aren't a major turnoff for me, but I'd love some relevance. Go Daddy is famous for their racy commercials, but this one is a little disgusting.

It features super model Bar Refaeli sitting next to a stereotypical nerd, when she suddenly engages in a passionate and quite disgusting kiss.

I applaud the guy that gets to receive love from the super model, but I would have preferred it happen in private.

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick narrates the debacle, and I'm struggling to find the redeeming value. Patrick does at least have on some Go Daddy-related gear.

I must recognize any elements that I could actually make heads or tails of.

Check it out here:

Apparently, the concept is based on the pretty and "smart" side of Go Daddy's product. The relation is loosely-based on that concept at best. 

I can't help but ask myself how this relates to the product.

Obviously, Go Daddy has had tremendous success with these types of ads over the years. Think about it, if they hadn't proven to be fruitful, the company would have gone in a different direction by now.

I'm certainly a proponent of the old adage: "if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it." But this one was hard to stomach even with that concession.

The rather vivid audio only makes it worse. It's like they have microphones implanted in their jaws to supply us with 3-D sound. Gee, thanks.

You can literally hear their lips smacking as the camera zooms in on the embrace. If you watch the video, you'll see this isn't some kiss out of Gone With the Wind where the kissers turn their heads and just smash their lips together.

This kiss is straight out of Scandal or any other current and sexy TV program. 

I felt the need to bathe after watching this one, but then again, that's probably what they were aiming for.


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