Super Bowl National Anthem 2013: Grading Alicia Keys' Performance

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Super Bowl National Anthem 2013: Grading Alicia Keys' Performance
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Super Bowl National Anthem 2013 is over, and it's time to grade Alicia Keys' performance. 

Keys went dramatic with the piano and went slow and steady. It was a performance that was a bit long, but it was a chance to showcase her incredible voice. 

It was definitely a slow performance, with each word measured and clear. In fact, it was one of the longest performances of all-time:

Keys made sure to enunciate every word of the anthem. She stretched out the most important words, like "free" and "brave."

The piano was a very nice touch. It got rave reviews on Twitter:

Her performance was dark and melancholy, which was appropriate given that students from Sandy Hook Elementary School had sung God Bless America a few minutes prior.

Her performance deserved an A-. The piano was beautiful and, while long, it was more of a chance to show off her voice.

Overall, it was one of the better performances in Super Bowl history. It combined a great voice, star power and tremendous music to deliver on all fronts. 

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