E-Trade Baby Goes YOLO with Stack of Cash in 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 3, 2013

He’s baaack.

E-Trade’s newest Super Bowl commercial brings back its famous talking baby and throws caution to the wind.

While he’s usually showing consumers how to invest money wisely via E-Trade, for this particular commercial, the talking baby demonstrates how to spend our dough frivolously.  

And by spend dough frivolously, I mean make it thunderstorm $20 dollar bills on the masses.

Pictured next to a pile of money, the E-Trade baby laments the notion that many investors lose thousands of dollars from their 401K because of “hidden fees."

People using E-Trade to invest won’t waste thousands on hidden fees, though, according to the baby.

“But if you're still bent on burning this fat stack of cash...”

Well, E-Trade baby has some ideas on the subject, none of which include any more frequent flyer pansy miles for your boy. 

The commercial shows E-Trade baby going on an over-the-top, Kanye Westian spending spree. 

Fancy auctions, hanging out with endangered species in a hot tub and drinking whole milk in the VIP room—it's all in the game, playa. Money is nothing, and the floor is lava when you’re rolling with the E-Trade baby. 

But it can only last so long, and before you know it, the techno music cuts off and the baby brings us back to reality, reminding everyone that YOLO might be fun, but it's pure hell on the pocket book.