The Rock Really Needs His Milk in 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

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No milk equals a big freaking problem for The Rock.

Saving the world will have to wait for a moment in the California Milk Processor Board’s new Super Bowl commercial “Morning Run.” 

At least until Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets his girls their two percent. 

The newest addition to the American dairy industry’s famous “Got Milk?” campaign, the commercial shows Johnson opening his fridge to a familiar and disappointing circumstance: an empty jug of milk. 

To make matters worse, Johnson’s daughter and her two friends at the table are staring down at one of the saddest things a child could ever see: a bowl of dry cereal. 

So, what’s The Rock going to do? 

He’s going to get them some flippin’ milk. 

The ad then shows Johnson heading out to get milk. But like everything else in the life of an action movie star and WWE wrestling champ, it’s nothing like our trip to the corner store.

Johnson chases a dairy truck (because that’s how you get the freshest milk) to a funk soundtrack as the world around him falls into utter chaos. 

Robbers are holding up banks. Grannies are trapped by lions. Aliens are climbing in the window.  

Johnson wants to help, but he can’t until he catches up with the driver and gets his girls their milk.

“Morning Run” is a lighthearted and entertaining addition to the “Got Milk?” campaign. And it's also relatively edgy considering it’s probably the first time an alien has been punched in the face for a commercial advertising dairy products.

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