How to Turn John Cena Heel, Make Brock Lesnar WWE Champion

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistFebruary 3, 2013

How to Turn John Cena Heel, Make Brock Lesnar WWE Champion

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The Undertaker Not Having WrestleMania Match with CM Punk

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    @JustinLaBar If rumors are true and Undertaker doesn't work Mania, where is Punk headed ? #BR

    — Gaurav9Kumar

    I have a hard time being able to fathom The Undertaker not working a WrestleMania unless he's officially retired.

    But for the sake of your question, if CM Punk isn't in a match with The Undertaker for whatever reason, he is best being inserted into a match with The Rock and John Cena.

    For months I've felt a triple threat at WrestleMania between CM Punk, The Rock and John Cena for the WWE title made the most sense. It kept a level of unpredictability, plus all three men have been dancing around each other for two years. We've seen them all fight each other in singles competition.

    Let's put the dynamic of all three in one match.

Brock Lesnar as WWE Champion

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    @JustinLaBar Since The Rock won the WWE Championship what are the odds that Brock Lesnar wins the title? #BR

    — Jesse_Stewart_

    I think there is enough possibility to think about it.

    The Rock was able to come to terms with WWE to make his Hollywood schedule work with his role as WWE Champion.

    If The Rock can be champ, why can't Brock Lesnar? Plus, Lesnar has a great track record with WWE's pay-per-view buys and Monday's ratings.

Will John Cena Ever Turn Heel?

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    @JustinLaBar would a John Cena heel turn propel him to bigger stardom with the Internet Wrestling Community? Does Cena have it in him?#BR

    — cwebster2233

    John Cena turning heel is one of the biggest things this current era's audience has to look forward to.

    That, Stone Cold Steve Austin having one more match and how The Undertaker's career ends. Not necessarily in that order but those are three big things I think in terms of historic moments coming in the next few years.

    John Cena WILL turn heel....eventually. When there is nothing left to do and Vince McMahon feels it is the one thing left to do, it will get done.

    The hardcore or smart fans have a tendency to not cheer or boo based on a character being a face. They cheer or boo based on how talented they feel the wrestler is in their role.

    By the nature of how things go, Cena will probably become a favorite from those who despise him now and get heat from the younger audience because they see him as a bad guy.

    The debate for how the heel turn should be done, when it will be done and who will cheer him is intriguing. One thing for sure, the IWC will certainly be talking a lot the day after it happens.

How Does John Cena Turn Heel?

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    @JustinLaBar if John Cena were ever to turn heel, how would you book it happening? #br

    — Jamie_Murphy8

    Good question. The best quick answer I can come up with is—John Cena beating The Undertaker at WrestleMania to end the streak by taking a short cut.

    I don't think The Undertaker should ever be beaten at WrestleMania. The streak should be left intact.

    I think Undertaker would disagree. He's old school. Old school mentality is you pass the torch on your way out. You put someone over. He would be putting over the most anticipated character change ever.

    John Cena has to turn heel in a scenario that would make everyone mad. I don't know anyone who doesn't like and respect The Undertaker. John Cena taking a heel way out to get a win against The Undertaker at WrestleMania would be an amazing scene to watch unfold.