Miami Heat's Most Jaw-Dropping Dunks and Highlights So Far

Sam Richmond@srichmond93Correspondent IFebruary 4, 2013

Miami Heat's Most Jaw-Dropping Dunks and Highlights So Far

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    The Miami Heat have some of the NBA's greatest athletes, namely LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, so it's no surprise that the team is responsible for a lot of the league's top highlights.

    While only a little past halfway through the season, Wade and James, the league's most potent alley-oop duo, are responsible for some dunks that have left many of us with our mouths open in awe.

    Let's take a look at some of those dunks and other incredible plays from the Heat this season.

10. Lebron with the Putback Dunk

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    For some reason, as Mike Miller puts up the three here, not one of the Atlanta Hawks players is watching LeBron James as he makes his way to the rim.

    Big mistake, Atlanta.

    Big mistake.

    Ignore LeBron James for even one second, and you're going to pay dearly.

    LeBron moseys right past Jeff Teague, figures out where Miller's miss is going to land, jumps up and throws down a vicious putback dunk with his left hand.

    LeBron showcases his unparalleled athleticism as well as his overwhelming strength on this dunk, making it one of his best from the season.

9. Ray Allen to Wade for the Alley-Oop

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    For those that claim that Wade, now in his 30s is not one of the NBA's elite athletes, please watch this play.

    Wade starts calling for the alley-oop from Allen before he's even reached the three-point line.

    Allen throws the pass nice and high, and Wade, using that breathtaking athleticism, jumps and throws down the enormous dunk.

    Kris Humphries tries to get down there and prevent Wade from slamming it home, but unfortunately for him the Heat guard is just too strong.

    Wade and his dunks might get overshadowed by those of his teammate LeBron James at times, but this was a great reminder that he's still a premier dunker in this league.

8. Allen with a Game-Winner Against the Cleveland Cavaliers

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    This is the first of two game-winning three pointers from Ray Allen assisted by James that will appear on this list.

    Similar to the second one, James uses the immense defensive attention he commands to his advantage by finding the open Allen behind the arc.

    Then, Allen does what he's done often during his 16-year career. He nails the clutch shot.

    Having a guy like Allen, who can consistently make defenses pay for collapsing on James and Wade as they make their way to the rack, is something the Heat missed during the first two years of the Big Three.

    An issue that is no longer, and now the Heat's offense is almost as unguardable as one can get in the NBA. 

7. Full-Court Pass from Wade to LeBron

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    This isn't the first time James and Wade have hooked up on a play like this, but this one is still extremely impressive.

    Wade barely glances upcourt when he grabs the rebound and decides to heave it the length of the court. The throw is both strong enough and accurate. Amazing.

    What's great about this play is that the only reason Wade can even consider making this throw is because of James' athleticism. Wade knows James has the ability to jump higher than the Dallas Mavericks defenders and get the ball.

    This is a play the Miami Heat and the Miami Heat only can make, and more specifically, only James and Wade. 

    This play would seem like something that could only happen in a video game. But, really, you couldn't even pull something this spectacular off in one. 

6. LeBron and Wade Give Each Other Alley-Oops on Back-to-Back Plays

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    Both of these dunks are simply tremendous, and it's pretty remarkable that they happen on back-to-back offensive possessions.

    What makes these alley-oops special is that the Detroit Pistons didn't see either of them coming.

    Like at all.

    On the LeBron to Wade dunk, Wade just simply gets behind his defender, and LeBron throws it up to him. There was no calling for the ball from Wade or anything; he's just such a great athlete that he's able to react to the surprise pass and finish the play.

    On the Wade to LeBron slam, two Pistons defenders were set on stopping Wade as he looked committed to putting it up and James wasn't in sight. 

    But as the Pistons should know at this point, even if you can't see James, that doesn't mean he's far behind.

    Still, even if they were prepared, stopping these two guys when they're working together is near impossible.

5. LeBron with the Game-Tying Three-Pointer Against Boston Celtics

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    While LeBron has hit other big shots late in games this season, this game-tying three-pointer is special because for one it was against the Boston Celtics, a huge Heat rival these days, and it was on national TV.

    The national TV part is important here because it serves as an example to the country that the argument that LeBron is incapable of hitting shots like this is ridiculous.

    After his performance in Game 6 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals and nailing this shot in a game in which he scored 34 points and grabbed 16 boards, it seems the argument that LeBron is intimidated to play in Boston is disproved as well. 

4. Allen to Wade to James for the Double Alley-Oop

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    Simply put, from beginning to end, this was an excellent sequence from Miami. 

    Allen gets a key steal and then it's off to the races for the Heat's most athletic players, James and Wade. When LeBron, at the three-point line, sees that Wade isn't going to be able to throw it down, he sprints to the hoop and starts preparing for the alley-oop from Wade.

    LeBron and Wade just have this unbelievable chemistry when it comes to alley-oops, and that was on display here. 

    Not too often do you see a double alley-oop, and the Heat executed it to perfection here. 

3. Wade with the Game-Saving Block Against the Cleveland Cavaliers

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    November wasn't a great month for Wade, but his game-saving block against the Cleveland Cavaliers helped him finish it on a high note.

    Wade, who's long been the NBA's best shot-blocking guard, did just a terrific job throughout this play.

    After Jeremy Pargo beats Mario Chalmers driving to the lane, Wade immediately picks him up and stays with him the entire way to the paint.

    At one point, though, Wade loses his balance, but he regains it just in time to leap up and stuff Pargo's shot.

    This type of defensive ability is something Wade brings to the table that very few guys of his size do, and he showed it off at the perfect time.

2. Allen with the Four-Point Game-Winner Against the Denver Nuggets

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    This play from very early in the season illustrates how dangerous the Heat are with Ray Allen in the fold.

    With time winding down in the fourth quarter of a tight game, Corey Brewer of the Denver Nuggets had to decide whether to try and stop LeBron from driving to the rim or if he should stay on his man, Ray Allen, in the corner where he is lethal from.

    That is an impossible decision for Brewer, but one the Heat force opponents to make. 

    As you can see, Brewer chose stopping LeBron.  Allen more than made him and the Nuggets pay by knocking down the game-winning three-pointer and drawing the foul.

    Only his third game in a Heat uniform, Ray Allen started off his days with Miami spectacularly well.

1. Reverse Alley-Oop Dunk from Wade to James

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    More than just the Heat's top highlight of the season, this alley-oop dunk from LeBron might be the best for the whole league.

    Wade throws up the perfectly timed alley-oop pass for LeBron, and James makes the difficult reverse jam look oh-so-easy.

    Another great part about this dunk is the motivation behind it.

    According to ESPN, LeBron said this on why he attempted the dunk:

    They always tell me I do the same dunks over and over and over. They always tell me to do something different. They're tired of seeing the same dunks. D-Wade threw it up there and I didn't have much time to think. But I decided to do something different.

    LeBron is such an exceptional dunker that the slams that are so jaw dropping to us bore his teammates. 

    Well, LeBron, consider your mission accomplished, because this slam was the antithesis of the word "boring."

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