JDS Gloats over Overeem Loss, Asks for Immediate Rematch with Velasquez

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2016

Junior Dos Santos was all smiles on Saturday night, after Alistair Overeem suffered his first loss in nearly seven years.

Before UFC 156, fans were already sizing up the highly anticipated showdown between Overeem and UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

The only obstacle impeding the heavyweight superfight was Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, who was 1-2 in his last two fights.

It didn't take an MMA guru to see that Overeem had every technical and physical advantage possible heading into the fight.

As clichéd as it always sounds, anything can happen in MMA.

Silva rallied after losing the first couple of rounds and shocked the world with a third round knockout victory over a man many felt was the best heavyweight in the UFC. One man who certainly never shared those feelings was Dos Santos, who lost the UFC title a little over a month ago to Velasquez.

The feud between Dos Santos and Overeem has been boiling ever since UFC 146, when they were set to meet for the heavyweight title. Unfortunately, Overeem was pulled from the card after testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone.

Since the fallout, the two heavyweight stars have made a multitude of snide remarks about one another in the media. After Velasquez turned Dos Santos' face to mush, Overeem immediately tweeted, "Dos Santos looks really pretty lol."

Dos Santos wasted no time in retaliating on the social network site after seeing Silva's handiwork against the former K-1 World Grand Prix Champion.

With Overeem taking a step back in the title picture, there is a bit of confusion about who is next in line to challenge Velasquez for the UFC title.

Daniel Cormier, Velasquez's training partner and wrestling coach, would be the obvious candidate, but he would rather drop to light heavyweight than be pressured into a fight with his teammate.

While the UFC mulls over the heavyweight title picture, Dos Santos is using Twitter to continue his campaign for an immediate rematch.

Is the rubber match between Velasquez and Dos Santos now the fight to make?