Actor Mickey Rourke Drops Jericho

chipper smithCorrespondent IApril 5, 2009

I think Chris Jericho forgot that Mickey Rourke used to be a boxer. After the Legends vs. Chris Jericho match, Jericho invited Rourke into the ring. That wasn't smart on his part, because Rourke put up his dukes and gave Jericho the old one-two. The legends lost against Jericho, but it was worth it just to see Chris get humiliated on national TV. All he wrestles are the old school wrestlers. He needed to be taught a lesson, and he was taught it tonight at Wrestlemania 25. Boo hoo Jericho, too bad for you. You should be thankful for those legends, because they paved the way for today's wrestlers.

As for Mickey, he did a very convincing job in his movie and from day one, Jericho ran his mouth because he has a jealous streak (my opinion). Maybe he should've been a wrestler and been Chris Jericho's rival. 

Jericho was really stunned when he got dropped by the 57-year-old actor. Maybe he better think twice before he runs his mouth again.