In defense of Sharks fans

Mike EaganSenior Analyst IMay 17, 2006

A few points on this subject: 
- Having been at Game 5 of the Sharks-Oilers series, I can say that while there were a few hundred who booed at the beginning of the Canadian anthem, the majority of people joined in the singing of the lyrics in order to drown out the idiots, then raucously cheered at its conclusion. 
- Those who did boo were responding to the telecast of Game 4 in Edmonton, where during the US anthem, Oiler fans could be heard (by my ears, at least) to chant "Let's Go Oilers!" along with a murmuring of boos (apparently because a picture of Joe Thornton was being displayed on the video board). 
- Q: "Don't fans in San Jose know that over half of its team is Canadian?" 
A: In the mid-90s, San Jose Arena flew about a dozen flags from the rafters representing the flags of each hometown country on the Sharks roster. The Sharks were coined "The World's Team." To suggest that Sharks fans are somehow unaware that the overwhelming majority of players on their team are foreign -- Canadian or otherwise -- is completely ridiculous.