What the Diva Battle Royal Says about the Division

Christi LottCorrespondent IApril 5, 2009

Tonight's 25 Diva Battle Royal in one word: horrible.

The divas did not come out to their own music, nor were the past divas that showed up given any special introduction. In fact, none of them made it to the end. In the end, a man dressed up as a woman, Santino Marella, won the Miss Wrestlemania crown. Rather than put a light on the solid division it has, or highlight a diva from the past or one that is considered a top diva, the WWE gives the crown to a man simply to keep this comedy routine going.

To me, it says a lot about what the WWE really thinks of its divas. Rather than possibly uniting the two titles, or having two championship matches for the very first time, or having a champion vs. champion or roster vs. roster match, the WWE put together a silly Battle Royal, having every single entrant in at the same time, not to win a title shot a la the Royal Rumble, but simply to win a crown for throwing someone out of a ring.

It says frankly that the divas are insignificant. They are now having matches simply to build up a man, to keep a man on TV.

I'm personally glad that Lita and Trish Stratus didn't show. They knew they would only come back for important matches or times, and this definitely was not one of them. I feel bad for Torrie, Molly, and Victoria the most. These three never got a proper send-off, and it continued tonight.

I wasn't expecting much when it came to the divas, but this was even worse than what I could've predicted.