2013 NFL Mock Draft: Which Teams Desperately Need New QB?

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 4, 2013

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Which Teams Desperately Need New QB?

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    Despite the lack of star talent in this year's draft class, the Kansas City Chiefs are among the teams that are in desperate need of a new quarterback.

    Some of the teams on this list have quarterbacks that they recently drafted, but it's time for them to try again. 

    There may be some reaching done in this year's draft because of the lack of depth. West Virginia's Geno Smith, USC's Matt Barkley and Zac Dysert of Miami (OH) are among the top prospects at their position.

    It was obvious that numerous teams were in need of a new quarterback during this season, and now those teams will finally have a chance to do something about it.

    Before anyone goes crazy, the New York Jets would be better off with Mark Sanchez than anyone in this year's draft. If anything, they need to get a quarterback through trade or free agency.

    So which teams will join the Chiefs on this list?



    *All stats are from NFL.com

Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Chiefs had six players selected to the Pro Bowl, but they had only two wins. That's a crazy ratio of Pro Bowlers to wins. However, it shows that they have some talent to work with.

    Matt Cassel's career in Kansas City came to an end last season. When Brady Quinn came in as his replacement, he wasn't any better.

    Kansas City quarterbacks ranked last in the NFL in passing yards per game and 31st in quarterback rating, according to NFL.com. The quarterbacks combined to throw 20 interceptions this past season, which was only one behind the Arizona Cardinals for the most in the league.

    Not only did the team's quarterbacks throw a lot of interceptions, they barely found the end zone. They threw only eight touchdowns, or one every other game, for the entire season.

    The Chiefs are a good quarterback away from being in contention next season. 

Arizona Cardinals

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    Like the Chiefs, the Arizona Cardinals are desperate for a quarterback. They went through four quarterbacks last season, and none of them performed well.

    Arizona started the season 4-0 but went 1-11 the rest of the season. They have some talent to work with, especially at wide receiver. Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd are a dangerous combination with a good quarterback.

    As mentioned in the previous slide, the Cardinals led the league with 21 interceptions thrown. They were also 31st in the league with only 11 touchdown passes. Something has got to change in the desert, given the talent they have on the outside.

    Of the quarterbacks on the current roster, only Kevin Kolb (second round by Philadelphia) was drafted before the fifth round. John Skelton (fifth round), Ryan Lindley (sixth round) and Brian Hoyer (undrafted) were all picked to be backups.

    The Cardinals need to use an early pick on a quarterback or find one in free agency. They will have better luck finding one in this year's draft than finding a good veteran quarterback on the market.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Chad Henne showed some promise this past season, but he isn't the long-term answer in Jacksonville. Blaine Gabbert played in only 10 games last year and was less than stellar.

    Gabbert had only six interceptions in his second season, but he didn't do much through the air. With Justin Blackmon showing some promising signs, the Jaguars need a quarterback who can get him the ball more.

    The quarterbacks in Jacksonville compiled a 74.7 pass rating in 2012, which put them at 28th in the league.

    It may be too early to give up on Gabbert, but the team needs a quarterback who can lead them to some wins. They had only two wins last season, and they had to play without Maurice Jones-Drew for most of last season.

    They can take a quarterback in the first or second round and start to build for the future.

Cleveland Browns

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    Yes, the Cleveland Browns drafted Brandon Weeden in the first round of last year's draft. However, he will be 30 years old by the middle of next season. He didn't show enough last season to give the team much confidence.

    The team went on a three-game winning streak last season, but it was against bad competition. During that streak they beat the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs. They also beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were on a third-string quarterback. The Steelers committed eight turnovers and lost by only six points.

    By the end of the season, Weeden was injured. Colt McCoy, Thad Lewis and Josh Johnson all made appearances for the Browns.

    New coach Rob Chudzinski will have to decide if Weeden or McCoy is the future. McCoy has shown some signs of promise. Weeden had some good spurts, but he couldn't consistently hit his receivers. He completed only 57.4 percent of his passes.

    If Weeden was younger, he might be worth giving some time. Instead, the Browns need to add to their long list of quarterbacks since 1999. 

Buffalo Bills

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    Ryan Fitzpatrick has had his moments in the NFL, but the Buffalo Bills need a new quarterback.

    C.J. Spiller, Fred Jackson and Stevie Johnson are all explosive weapons on offense. Now the team just needs to find its quarterback of the future.

    Buffalo isn't in the same situation as the rest of the teams on this list, but it is need of a new start at quarterback. 

    In the past two seasons, Fitzpatrick has thrown 48 touchdowns and 39 interceptions. 

    The Bills are quickly improving their roster, so a new quarterback could help put them in contention. With the Jets struggling and the Dolphins rebuilding, the Bills are in perfect position to make a run at a wild-card spot.