Analyzing the Shield's Impact on WWE

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

When the Shield first debuted at Survivor Series last year, they shook up the WWE Universe.

The idea that the WWE was ready to bring up three young stars, who seem filled with potential to all be top wrestlers one day, was huge.  To debut them in a match where they were helping the reigning WWE champion continue to title reign was even bigger.

When the Shield took the WWE by storm, speculation came with them as to whether they were working with Punk and Heyman, and whether that was a good idea.

The Shield stretched their idea of justice across the WWE, attacking Team Hell No, Randy Orton, Sheamus, John Cena and The Rock.

They also stepped up big when they were needed to fill in at TLC, when Punk had to sit out because of his knee injury.

They've given solid video promos as well, talking about how they are justice in the WWE and threatening anyone who gets in their way.

Still with all their success, the Shield seem lost in the WWE.

Blame it on creative or the higher-ups in the WWE, but the Shield seems to be stuck in one spot and can't seem to get moving.

Since they've been on RAW, they've had one match which was at TLC.  The Shield showed they all have fantastic wrestling ability, yet we never see them in a match on RAW.

They also haven't done anything outside storm the ring and attack certain wrestlers on live television. We've seen them cut recorded promos, but when will they be given a live mic?

The Shield made an impact, but now they are struggling to find a point in the WWE.


Triple Powerbombing on to the Scene

The Shield had a big impact when they first burst on to the WWE scene. 

Everyone had their sights set on how much Ryback was getting a push toward the main event.

The Shield put him through an announcer's table with a triple powerbomb at Survivor Series and shifted the WWE Universe's attention from Ryback, to them. 

The Shield emerged as a problem for Ryback and stopped his building momentum on the way to the top.

They continued to harass him and other wrestlers as well.  The Shield quickly emerged as a threat in the WWE, but the real question behind them though, was who were they working for?

While they did seem to defend CM Punk and his title reign when he needed it the most, there is no real way to connect Punk with the Shield.

Even after what happened last Monday night (Jan. 28) on RAW, it’s still unclear if Punk has anything to do with the Shield.

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns exploded on to the WWE scene as the Shield.  They seemingly attack anyone they choose to and are a focal point of the WWE Universe, as fans still debate if the Shield and CM Punk are working together.


Missing Out on Promo and Ring Ability

The Shield made a big impact when they first debuted on the WWE scene, but their promo and ring work leave something to be desired.

It's not like they lack the skills to successfully deliver great promos and matches; it’s that we’ve barely seen what they can do besides attacking wrestlers and pre-recorded promos.

Their recorded promos are decent and shows that these three, specifically Dean Ambrose, should be given the chance to do more live mic work.

The same thing has happened to their ring work.  These three wrestlers are fantastic in the ring, and we saw that in their TLC match.

 After seeing what these three can do, why hasn't the WWE given them more time in the ring, instead of just having them storm the ring and attack wrestlers?

The Shield is full of potential and shows glimpses of it, but the WWE hasn't given them chances to prove themselves.

After months of attacking wrestlers in the ring and behind the scenes promos, the Shield is falling off pace.

They finally got a small amount of live promo time this past Monday night, but in the end, Cena, Ryback and Sheamus got the better of the Shield.

Shouldn't the WWE focus on pushing their younger stars, instead of making them victims of wrestlers who are already established on RAW?


Moving Forward

The Shield was a big talking point of the WWE Universe when they debuted at Survivor Series.  They were seemingly coming to the aid of CM Punk, and no one really knew the Shield's motives. 

And after countless attacks on various wrestlers, the Shield seems lost in the WWE shuffle.

What is their direction?  What will happen now that they are clearly involved with Paul Heyman?  When will they be used in a match on RAW?

The Shield made a big impact in the WWE and is still full of potential.  However, the constant attacks on wrestlers and lack of any direction, makes it seem like the WWE isn’t fully clear on what to do with the young group.

Hopefully, now that they are clearly working with Heyman, the WWE will put the Shield back on track and make them a talking point of the WWE Universe once again.


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