Watch Dikembe Mutombo Get His Finger-Wag on in Hilarious New GEICO Ad

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The world is seriously lacking in Dikembe Mutombo lately, so I've got to give huge props to GEICO for bringing him in to shoot a commercial in which he goes around blocking people from doing everyday things.

Companies first realized what a great marketing tool Mutombo is when Old Spice whipped out its strangely fun "Dikembe Mutombo's 4 1/2 Weeks to Save the World" back in November.

From there, it seems as if GEICO caught the finger-wagging fever.

Let it be known that I love everything about Mutombo, and he's one of my favorite NBA players of all time.

The fact that he could block any shot, that he would openly taunt players while few would do anything about it, his voice being simultaneously unfathomably deep yet high-pitched, this photo of him standing next to a tiny Asian woman and Laura Bush, his fun-loving, yet angry demeanor, and the fact that he's just a good person in general.

There are no reasons to dislike Dikembe.

Sure, he goaltends on just about every one of these shots, but who's going to blow a whistle on him when he's blocking boxes of cereal in the supermarket?

Nobody, unless Joey Crawford happened to be shopping at the time.

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