NBA's Biggest Home Court Advantages

Tyson Agbayani@tysonagbayaniCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2013

NBA's Biggest Home Court Advantages

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    It's one thing when a team performs well at home, but it is another when their fans show up strong and help propel their team to victory.  

    The sixth-man, or the crowd, is often a key factor in providing momentum for home teams. Whether it be getting loud to urge on their team or screaming to disrupt the opposition, fan's roles in games are huge.     

    While talent triumphs energy most times than not, the extra boost of energy that fans give their players deserves some credit.

    Here are the NBA's best home court advantages this season in both the Eastern and Western Conference.

    *Home court attendance is up to date as of February 4th and via ESPN.   

5. East: Indiana Pacers

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    While attendance numbers at Indiana Pacers' games aren't the best in the league, the Pacers record at home cannot be overlooked.  

    The Pacers are currently one of the few teams with less than five losses at home this season with a home record of 20-3. Despite their superior dominance in Indiana, the Pacers are ranked 21st in the league in attendance and only reach 80.8 percent capacity at home games.

    Whatever the reason behind the poor turnouts, the fans that are showing up to games are obviously doing something right.  With a legitimate chance of finishing in the top three in the East this year, Pacers fans should look to strengthen their numbers at home games, which will only add to an already great home court advantage.    

4. East: Boston Celtics

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    Although the Boston Celtics are playing around .500 ball this season, Boston fans are still showing their love and support for their team.  

    While the Celtics may not have the best home record on this list at 17-9, Celtic fans continue to pack the house as they currently average a 100 percent capacity at home games.

    Since Rajon Rondo's season-ending injury, the Celtics have won four straight games all of which that have been in Boston.  The Celtics should continue to play well at home if they keep feeding off of the energy from their fans.

3. East: Chicago Bulls

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    Though the Chicago Bulls are the only team in the NBA with a better record on the road this season than in their own arena, the Bulls advantage at home is something still worth mentioning.  

    While the Bulls are clearly underachieving at the United Center with a record of 15-11, Bulls fans are doing everything possible to will their team to victory.  With an attendance average capacity of 103.9 percent, Bulls fans are literally packing the arena like sardines.  

    With Derrick Rose set to make his comeback soon, the Bulls' record at home should only get better from here.  Heck, even without Rose, their home record should get better.   

2. East: Miami Heat

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    The only reason the Miami Heat aren't number one on this list, is because Heat fans are notorious for showing up fashionably late to games.

    While it could be the traffic or just the Miami way to blame for the late arrivals, when they do finally arrive, they make sure to pack the house. The Heat are currently ranked third in the league in attendance reaching 101.6 capacity for each home game.  

    Heat fans are also playing a considerable factor in games, as the team has one of the best home records in the league at 19-3.  The Heat are more than capable of keeping this level of performance up and the fans don't have any excuse to stop supporting them.    

1. East: New York Knicks

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    New York Knicks fans are arguably one of the most knowledgeable fan bases in the league, which is one of the reasons why they're ranked number one in the East for best home court advantage.

    The Knicks are finally looking like a championship caliber team, and their home record of 19-6 is an example of that. Knicks fans have also continued the great attendance tradition as they once again rank top 10 in the league, averaging 96.3 percent capacity for each home game.

    Knicks fans are loud and proud and can even get hostile if it need be.  They love their basketball and their team, and any opponent that steps into Madison Square Garden is quickly made aware of that.

5. West: Denver Nuggets

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    Similar to the Indiana Pacers, the Denver Nuggets are also one of the top teams at home this season, but their attendance doesn't reflect that.  

    At 21-3 at the Pepsi Center, Denver has become a nightmare for any road team that arrives. While they are impressive on their home court, Nuggets fan's attendance has been solid but not the best as they currently reach 89.7 percent capacity each game.

    Whether it's the fans or the high altitude to credit for the Nuggets' success, it's a no-brainer that the Nuggets deserve consideration as one of the NBA's best home court advantages.        

4. West: Utah Jazz

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    The Utah Jazz have always been a tough team to play at home and this year isn't any different.  

    With a record of 18-5 at EnergySolutions Arena, the Jazz are currently a playoff team even though they are struggling on the road at 9-17.  

    One of the biggest contributions to this success at home has been the commitment from the fans.  The Jazz are ranked 12th in the league with an average attendance capacity of 94.3 percent.  

    With the Jazz essentially being the only major professional sports team in Utah (if you don't like soccer), Jazz fans show up to home games ready to cheer.     

3. West: Golden State Warriors

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    It has almost become a feel good story in Oakland, as the Golden State Warriors seem to finally be giving back to their fans.

    The Warriors are having an overall impressive year this season and their 16-6 record at home has been a big part of that.  

    Another key factor in this year's success has been the continued support from the Warriors fans.  The Warriors are currently holding down the ninth spot in the league for attendance with a 97.9 percent capacity rate.  

    Although the Warriors have only made the playoffs once in the 21st century, Warriors fans have always been faithful to their Warrior squad and have packed the arena even when they were losing.  As a fan of the league in general, it's great to finally see good fans taste a little success.   

2. West: San Antonio Spurs

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    The San Antonio Spurs are once again one of the marquee teams in the NBA and a serious case could be made about the team also possessing the league's best home court advantage.  

    With the NBA's best home record of 22-2, San Antonio has been a bad place for any road team needing a win.  

    Along with their effective home record, attendance has also been impressive as fans are filling up the AT&T Center to a 99 percent capacity.  Spurs fans, for over a decade, have been one of the leagues best fan bases and continue to make their home court an opponents worst nightmare.

1. West: Oklahoma City Thunder

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    The Oklahoma City Thunder takes the cake for the best home court advantage in the West and arguably in the league.  

    Since the franchise's arrival in Oklahoma City in 2008, Thunder fans have created a college-type of atmosphere incomparable by any other team in the NBA.  At an average age of 26 years old, it has been clear that this Thunder squad feeds off this type of energy as they hold a 21-3 record at home.  

    Thunder fans have a considerable amount of impact on games as they also fill the stadium to 100 percent capacity each game. "Loud City" in recent years has become a place very few teams can get a win in and a city where teams desperate for a win hate visiting.