Dolph Ziggler Needs More Than Chris Jericho to Succeed

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 3, 2013


Dolph Ziggler needs more than Chris Jericho to succeed.

The Show-Off reignited his feud with Y2J at the Royal Rumble. Ziggler entered at No. 1, while Jericho followed at No. 2. Both men lasted the longest in the rumble. It culminated with Ziggler eliminating Jericho off the apron with the superkick.

It seems their feud will continue. Ziggler defeated Jericho last summer, which resulted in Jericho being fired by the company. Jericho came back for revenge and was re-signed by Vickie Guerrero.

Unfortunately, that isn’t enough for The Show-Off.

Ziggler has A.J., his valet/girlfriend and his enforcer, Big E Langston, in his corner. He still carries the Money in the Bank briefcase in his possession. Now, he’s feuding with Jericho again. It just isn’t enough.

Ziggler and Jericho can put on great matches. The problem lies with the direction. Ziggler is going in circles again. He gains momentum only to have it squashed and be forced to start over from scratch. He’s someone who should be in talks to wrestle for a heavyweight title at WrestleMania, not someone who has nothing planned at the moment.

This is the dilemma for Dolph Ziggler. Despite the accolades and alliances, he still is stuck in getting others over.

Look at his last few matches with John Cena and Alberto Del Rio. Both men didn’t really need to beat Ziggler, and yet, they got over. Even when Cena lost to Ziggler at TLC, it was more about A.J. instead of Ziggler’s victory.

Jericho will put over Ziggler. It’s time for someone else to do the same. Ziggler needs that other victory to succeed. Jericho isn’t the answer, with all due respect.