10 Rivalries WWE Should Feature ASAP

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIFebruary 6, 2013

10 Rivalries WWE Should Feature ASAP

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    Despite many fans thinking that the opposite is true, the WWE does indeed have plenty of talent on its roster.

    OK, maybe it's not as loaded as it was 10 or 15 years ago, but this notion that there aren't a lot of quality superstars in the company is a little misguided.

    The WWE actually has quite a few big-named stars and up-and-comers who make up an interesting mix of talent and, more importantly, give us the possibility of seeing plenty of entertaining feuds.

    With a great blend of guys who have been to the top and others who are trying to get there, the WWE has the chance to feature a number of must-see rivalries in 2013.

    While feuds like The Rock vs. CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho are getting the spotlight right now, there are many more feuds we should see in the near future.

    Here are 10 rivalries the WWE should feature ASAP.

    NOTE: In the interest of fairness, NO superstar will be used more than once in this article.

10. Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara

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    Interest in Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara has died down considerably because of Sin Cara's struggles so far in the WWE, but it still has a wide appeal to wrestling fans.

    You could make a case that Sin Cara and Mysterio are the two most well-known luchadores on this earth right now, so a match between the two would still be something that would generate interest, especially among Hispanic fans.

    While Sin Cara hasn't reached the heights in the WWE that many expected him to, he spent much of the last decade developing a reputation as one of the most must-see attractions in all of pro wrestling.

    And if anyone in the WWE can put on a classic with Sin Cara, it's Mysterio.

    Although Mysterio has a lot of haters these days, he can still go, and he might be just a few years away from calling it quits.

    If the WWE is ever going to get its money's worth out of Sin Cara, a simple story of one luchador taking on another would be the best route to take.

    Mysterio vs. Sin Cara may never actually be as important as we thought it would, but given the right booking, it could be a very good rivalry between a mentor and protege.

9. The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

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    The Miz and Cody Rhodes are at somewhat similar points in their careers.

    After spending the last several months teaming with Damien Sandow as Team Rhodes Scholars, Rhodes is suddenly back on his own as a singles star. Meanwhile, The Miz is attempting to get over as a babyface. 

    Both men are trying to adapt to new roles, but that, of course, is easier said than done.

    The Miz is struggling mightily as a babyface so far, while Rhodes now finds himself without a stable position in a crowded midcard. So, how do we solve these problems?

    Have them feud with another.

    We saw teases of a Miz/Rhodes feud last year when the two superstars found themselves in a Fatal 4-Way match in which The Miz pinned Rhodes to retain his Intercontinental title. But nothing substantial ever really came out of it.

    That's too bad, because Rhodes is a very good wrestler and a quality heel who would likely be able to help elevate The Miz as a face if the two ever feuded.

    Both guys are viewed as upper midcarders at this point, and neither figures to be involved in the World title picture any time soon. Sounds like a good reason to give these guys a chance to shine later this year in what could be a great midcard rivalry.

8. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

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    One of the most anticipated rivalries we thought we would see in 2012 but never actually did was Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton.

    Early in the year, it looked like Orton and Jericho were going to feud in SmackDown's main-event scene. But both guys got suspended, the feud was dropped and never picked back up.

    But it should be in 2013.

    Jericho is widely viewed as one of the most well-rounded performers in the WWE, and when he actually gives a crap, so is Orton. That's why many expect a feud between these two to be great.

    Both Orton and Jericho can perform well in either the babyface or heel role, so we could theoretically see a face/face rivalry or a face/heel rivalry between these two, with either guy in either role

    As rumors continue to swirl about Orton turning heel, putting him in a rivalry with a really over guy like Jericho could be an easy way to make that turn happen.

    While it's likely that Jericho will be gone shortly after WrestleMania 29, the WWE might want to seriously consider reigniting his rivalry with Orton should he decide to stick around.

7. Triple H vs. Damien Sandow

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    Triple H is a part-timer who only wrestles a couple of times per year nowadays, and Damien Sandow is a midcarder who's spent much of his time in the tag team division.

    Therefore, the odds of these two feuding anytime soon aren't all that great.

    Then again, Sandow is viewed by many fans as a future main eventer, while Triple H has competed against up-and-comers like CM Punk and Sheamus over the last few years.

    Plus, there's a definite history between Triple H and Sandow after "The Game" and Shawn Michaels hit their finishers on Sandow way back on Raw 1000. Sandow also reminds some of Triple H from his early "Hunter Hearst Helmsley" days, which is another common link between the two.

    Although Sandow has done a lot more losing than winning in his short WWE career so far, he's yet to really be given a chance to break out on his own as a singles star.

    He'll get that chance one day, though, and it would be great to see him mix it up with some of the biggest names currently in the WWE, like Triple H.

    Sandow has shown a lot in less than one year on the roster, and as a main eventer just waiting to happen, he needs one big rivalry to take him over the top.

6. Alberto Del Rio vs. Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio are clearly two of the WWE's top two foreign superstars right now.

    Barrett is holding the Intercontinental Championship and is viewed by many as a future World champion while ADR has gotten over in a huge way as the babyface World Heavyweight Champion.

    Being that ADR just turned face for the first time in his career, he hasn't gotten a whole lot of opportunities to feud with the WWE's top heels yet.

    That will obviously change over time, and one feud many fans will want to see is ADR vs. Barrett.

    Both Barrett and Del Rio are two of the WWE's most well-rounded performers, guys who can cut a good promo and then follow it up with an even better match.

    Del Rio has shown a lot of fire as a babyface, and he's going to generate interest in any feud that he participates in as a good guy. Put him in a feud with Barrett, and the results could be great.

    You'd have two awesome foreign superstars battling it out on the grand stage of the WWE. It doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

5. Ryback vs. Sheamus

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    The WWE is well known for building its babyfaces up to be unstoppable and nearly unbeatable, and two of its clear-cut top babyfaces at the moment are Sheamus and Ryback.

    Sheamus has hardly lost at all over the last year-plus, and Ryback's handful of losses all came with a lot of controversy attached to them.

    So, what would happen if the two ever met one-on-one? We don't know, but it would be cool to find out.

    Face/face rivalries can be really entertaining when done right, and being that Sheamus and Ryback are currently two of the WWE's most popular stars, it could be a lot of fun to watch these two behemoths go at it.

    Of course, a rivalry between the two could also work if either guy, likely Sheamus, were to go heel and give us yet another reason to invest ourselves in this feud.

    Sheamus has proven to be an absolute workhorse over the last couple of years, and he's capable of putting on really good matches with just about anyone. He could definitely do the same with Ryback.

    Ryback vs. Sheamus would be a certified slug-fest--a battle between two monsters who hardly ever lose clean.

    It needs to happen at some point, and in all likelihood, it will.

4. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

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    The Shield is wreaking havoc on the WWE right now, but sooner or later, the group will disband and its members will go their separate ways.

    Judging by what I know and have read about The Shield's members, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are likely to be long-term heels, while Seth Rollins will probably transition into a role as a babyface.

    Sounds like a great way to set up Rollins vs. Ambrose.

    Whenever The Shield does split up, you could easily have Ambrose turn on Rollins, which would ignite a feud between the two. Rollins' in-ring skills would make him a great babyface, and if the other members of The Shield turn on him and destroy him, it could be a very good way to build him up as a sympathetic character.

    We've only gotten one small sample of what Ambrose and Rollins can do in the ring so far, but as most will tell you, they are sure to impress once they start wrestling matches on a consistent basis.

    Rollins, however, isn't going to be a heel for the long haul. He'll be a babyface one day, and when he becomes one, we need to see him take on Ambrose.

    Despite being main-roster rookies, these two studs could and would put on a classic.

3. Antonio Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan

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    The WWE has scooped up a lot of stars from Ring of Honor who have gone on to have plenty of success in the biggest wrestling company in the world.

    Two of those stars? Antonio Cesaro and Daniel Bryan.

    We all know about all of the success that Bryan has had over the last year-plus, and since debuting in April 2012, Cesaro has quickly taken the WWE by storm as well.

    Bryan continues to be arguably the most popular performer in all of pro wrestling, and Cesaro is making a name for himself as one of the most powerful and athletic superstars in the WWE.

    As two of ROH's most accomplished "graduates," it would be great to see Bryan and Cesaro feud in the WWE, which actually seems quite possible these days.

    With both guys currently positioned in the upper midcard and neither figuring to get involved in the World title scene for the time being, don't be surprised if these two cross paths sometime soon.

    And if and when they do, expect to see one hell of a feud and match from two guys who deliver the goods each and every night.

2. CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

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    The groundwork has already been laid for CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar.

    Lesnar returned to the WWE last week with Paul Heyman by his side, and as we all know, Heyman just so happens to also be the manager of Punk.

    With Heyman now working for both Lesnar and Punk, the WWE can take a potential storyline between these three in one of a few different directions: Punk and Lesnar work together, Punk and Lesnar feud or Punk and Lesnar work together before feuding.

    The latter option seems the most likely, though.

    Since Lesnar and Punk are now actively involved with Heyman at the same time, it would be dumb of the WWE not to capitalize on that and have the two join forces to form a mini-stable of sorts.

    Of course, we all know where that will probably lead.

    Heyman and Punk are two of the WWE's top heels and biggest hotheads, and odds are that they won't have so much as the slightest chance of getting along for the long haul.

    But that's OK because if Lesnar vs. Punk ever happens, we all win in the end.

1. The Undertaker vs. John Cena

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    Like him or not, John Cena is the WWE's biggest star and is going to be placed in the company's biggest feuds as a result.

    One major rivalry we haven't seen Cena have since he became the face of the WWE, however, is a feud with The Undertaker.

    Because Cena has spent most of his time as the top star on Raw and Undertaker has largely been a part-timer on SmackDown, a Taker/Cena feud just hasn't happened recently.

    With The Undertaker nearing the end of his career, though, it has to happen soon. Has to.

    Undertaker may not have more than another year or two left in the WWE, and with Cena constantly working a full-time schedule at the top of the card, no one can be sure how much longer he's going to be around as the company's top star.

    Time is running out on making Cena vs. The Undertaker happen, but as one of the biggest matches that the WWE could possibly put on, it needs to take place ASAP.

    After all, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more intriguing match than Undertaker defending "The Streak" against Cena at WrestleMania.


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