7 Former Divas Who Should Return Immediately

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 3, 2013

7 Former Divas Who Should Return Immediately

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    Having lost a ton of female talent over the past 18 months, it is now time for WWE management to figure out how to replenish their depleted Divas roster.

    Some would suggest that people in WWE should look to the U.S. indie scene to find new girls. Others would say they could simply call up new girls, like Paige, from NXT. The company could also hold another Diva Search.

    But one other idea would be to bring back Divas from the past.

    This would have several advantages.

    First of all, the fans would already know these women. The girls wouldn't have to work to get over, like newcomers do.

    Second of all, these girls already know the business. They know how to take bumps and have matches. This is a major benefit. (One problem with Diva Search is that it often takes a great deal of time and effort to train the women, most of whom have no wrestling experience, properly.)

    With this in mind, here are seven Divas from the past that WWE should strongly think about bringing back to the roster full-time...

Trish Stratus

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    Following the announcement of her induction into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame, what better time for former WWE Women's champion Trish Stratus to make her return to Raw and SmackDown?

    Certainly, she has the star power and in-ring talent that women's wrestling in the company so desperately needs right now. Hey, who else would be better to make fans stand up and finally notice the long-ignored Divas Division than a woman who is widely regarded as the best female wrestler in WWE history? 

    And at only 37, Stratus is still a young woman with a lot to offer the company.

    The Canadian has flirted with an in-ring return before, working a string of matches in early 2011 for an angle with Vickie Guerrero, so it seems perfectly possible that management could convince her to come back, even if it was just on a short-term basis.


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    Former Playboy model Maryse Ouellet amicably parted ways with WWE in October of 2011 to pursue outside interests, mainly her jewellery and fashion line, House of Maryse.

    While the busy former Divas champion clearly has a lot on her plate these days, is a return to the company that made her famous in the cards?

    Certainly, the star has a unique personality and charisma. No matter what she was doing or how she was booked, you always paid attention to her. How many current Divas can you say that about?

    Ideally, if she were to come back, it would not be as a wrestler (this area was never her strength), but as a manager. Maybe even to real-life boyfriend Mike "The Miz" Mizanin. Now that would "Awesome."


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    As one of the most popular Divas in the history of WWE, Amy "Lita" Dumas would surely be an asset to the company if she returned.

    The 37-year-old can wrestle, she can talk and she could even serve as mentor and trainer to some of the younger girls.

    In an interview with WWE.com last November, Lita was critical about the state of the women's division, noting that all the girls nowadays felt too generic, as opposed to Attitude Era when girls like her and Ivory had vastly different looks and personalities.

    Certainly, a Lita return would go a long way toward making the division more diverse and relevant again.

Maria Kanellis

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    Since being released from WWE in early 2010, Diva Search contestant and Playboy cover girl Maria Kanellis has remained active in the wrestling industry. She hosts Afterbuzz TV's popular Raw recap show and serves as a valet in Ring of Honor to real-life boyfriend Mike Bennett.

    While many may initially have dismissed Kanellis as another talentless model/actress simply using WWE for fame and TV time, it has become clear in recent years that she truly does love wrestling and has amassed an impressive knowledge about the industry.

    She's also improved greatly as a performer, displaying an impressive amount of charisma and presence whenever she appears in Bennett's corner on Ring of Honor television. Indeed, she's one of the few people on those shows that comes off like a big deal.

    Kanellis may never be a great wrestler (although she's also gotten better in this area), but WWE could certainly use her talents as a manager, especially since they do not have any genuinely great valets right now. 

Kelly Kelly

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    With her looks, marketability and in-ring skills, Kelly Kelly was a huge asset to WWE. Sadly, the company never truly capitalized on the Maxim model's talents, and she parted ways with them late last year.

    Per reports (from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter via WrestlingInc.com), she mainly wanted to pursue outside interests in modelling and acting and felt restricted by her WWE contract.

    Would she be open to a return in the future? Who knows?

    Ideally, though, Kelly would agree to return to WWE with the condition that she be allowed more freedom in her outside deals. Because the Divas Division needs all the help it can get right now.

Torrie Wilson

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    OK, so she was never much of a wrestler, but Torrie Wilson still remains one of the more famous women in wrestling history, mostly thanks to her Playboy covers and participation in some of the company's more, um, memorable angles (Al Wilson, anyone?).

    Why should WWE bring her back for another run? Well, as noted, she's still pretty well-known to fans, who would probably give her a warm welcome upon her return.

    Additionally, her widely publicized relationship with baseball star Alex Rodriguez means she would be more of a household name than anyone else under contract (apart from The Rock, of course). For a company that is constantly seeking mainstream attention, like WWE is, signing her would be a tantalizing option.


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    Sable's raunchy sex appeal helped rocket the then-WWF to huge heights in the late '90s, and even now, she's usually seen as synonymous with the edgy, no-holds-barred Attitude Era. 

    When you think of important Divas in history, it's impossible not to mention her name.

    Sable (aka Rena Lesnar) has stayed out of the limelight over the past few years, but a comeback doesn't seem to be that remote of a possibility, especially considering her husband, Brock Lesnar, is under contract with WWE and has just made his return to television. It would certainly be compelling television if she were to make an on-screen appearance in some manner or other.