Grading the New Adidas All-Star Edition Shoes

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2013

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We've gotten into a nice trend of seeing new shoes unveiled every time there is a major event in the NBA. For Adidas the All-Star Game will be no different, with a new style coming out for all of their All-Stars.

Tim Duncan, Jrue Holiday and Dwight Howard will be the main ballers to wear the shoes over the weekend, but a few more players will be featured, all depending on who makes their way into what contest.

Three shoes will get a remix for the game, the variation on Dwight Howard's current shoes, the D Howard Lights, and the Crazy Fast and Crazy Light 2s. Duncan is usually seen in Adidas' Flight Paths, while Holiday usually rocks the Crazy Shadow, but they'll make an exception for the All-Star Game.

The shoes in question, Adidas' Crazy Fast, Adizero Crazy Light 2 and D Howard Lights are all very nice creations in their own right, and they've gotten a lot of love since their release near the beginning of the season, so how does the Adidas remix treat them?

Let's take a look at the three new styles and figure out how they compare to each other, and how they get graded overall.


Adidas Crazy Fast

The Crazy Fasts aren't the most popular shoes that Adidas has rolled out (their Crazy Light IIs are much more popular), but they'll be underneath Duncan and Holiday for the weekend, so we'll see if they get some more love afterward.

From the press release:

The Crazy Fast features an all-new SPRINTWEB design with tighter panels to improve support, reduce weight and make players quicker and more comfortable on the court. The design is inspired by the speed and power of a combustion engine and the drive inside players to dominate on the court. The bold, green zest NBA All-Star edition will be worn on-court by Jrue Holiday of the Philadelphia 76ers (East), Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs (West) and Rising Stars Challenge and NBA All-Star Saturday Night participants.

I might as well get it out there from the start, but I don't understand why these shoes are green. When I first saw the three shoes together, with two of them green and then Howard's red, I thought they forgot to release them on Christmas, so they just repackaged them for the All-Star Game.

The Crazy Fasts do a great job of creating a bold look without too much going on, and the shoe flows much better with the dark green and yellow design all over the toe, rather than just overlaid here and there like on the Crazy Light IIs.

The black tongue is a nice touch, as is the black around the base, and the triple stripe broken up by the finger loop on the back of the shoe is a solid touch, otherwise it would just be three stripes going halfway around the shoe.

These aren't terrible, but there's a lot that could have been done to make them better, or at least less Christmasy.

Crazy Fast Grade: C+

Adidas Crazy Light II

The Adidas Crazy Light IIs are some of the most worn shoes in the NBA. A lot of young fellows like Ricky Rubio, Daequan Cook, Avery Bradley and Mike Conley go with these ultra-light bad boys.


From the press release:

The adizeroCrazy Light 2 NBA All-Star edition will roll-out in the impact camo green zest colorway. At 9.5 ounces, it is the lightest basketball shoe on the planet.

I'm a big fan of the Crazy Lights that are out now, but these are just far too busy.

The camouflage laid sporadically throughout the shoe is distracting, the black line that encircles the body of the shoe seems unnecessary, and the black boarder around the triple-stripe seems like an attempt to make it all look bolder.

In the end it's just got too much going on, and the green color seems puzzling, if not more suitable for a Christmas shoe, or even a springtime release, rather than a mid-February, All-Star Game shoe. 

Adizero Crazy Light II Grade: C-

Adidas D Howard Light

Dwight sheds his usually heavier, clunkier AdiPower Howard IIIs for the D Howard Light, a super-light signature take on the AdiPower.

From the press release:

The D Howard Light NBA All-Star edition signature shoe will roll-out in an impact camo red colorway for one of the most explosive players in the league – seven-time NBA All-Star Dwight Howard. The D Howard Light is his lightest signature shoe to date and features more support and comfort. It features a reflective tongue made of chrome material inspired by the backside of a compact disc to pay homage to his passion for music. The chromed three stripes and heels will pop under the bright lights at the NBA All-Star game.

Finally, we've got a shoe that matches the jersey color, which seems to make much more sense than rolling out a green shoe in the middle of February.

Howard's light shoes have the classic look of an Adidas brand shoe, which the old man in me is infatuated with, but they've also got the goofy looking gold tongue, which I'm not sure of my feelings about.

On the one hand the tongue completely clashes with the rest of the shoe, but it's also kind of cool looking.

In the end the red coordination, the clean white used in the Adidas triple-stripe and around the base of the shoe draws me in enough to like these.

D Howard Light Grade: B+