UFC 156: What We Learned from Tyron Woodley vs Jay Hieron

Scott HarrisMMA Lead WriterFebruary 2, 2013

Photo credit: MMAjunkie.com
Photo credit: MMAjunkie.com

Strikeforce made a pretty loud statement at the undercard of UFC 156. The exclamation on the statement came courtesy of welterweight Tyron Woodley.

In his UFC debut, Woodley slammed a right hand into the side of Jay Hieron's head and followed up with a looping ground-and-pound to score the knockout only 36 seconds into the first round.

"I'm declaring war on the welterweight division," Woodley told broadcaster Joe Rogan after the fight.

Well, he certainly kicked it off with some shock and awe. 

Woodley (10-1) and Hieron (23-6)


What we'll remember about this fight 

The big right hook that Woodley (11-1) dropped on Hieron (23-7) and felled him like a bag of hammers barely half a minute into the fight. It looked like it came from half a mile away.


What we learned about Tyron Woodley

He's a viable UFC fighter. It seems that a lot of the Strikeforce guys might be.   


What we learned about Jay Hieron

He may never get that first UFC win. Now that he's lost his last two in the Octagon, the 36-year-old may not get another chance. 


What's next for Woodley

Great win, but I don't want to lose my mind here. What's Mike Pierce up to?


What's next for Hieron

I'd personally give him one more crack at that first UFC win. I'm a softie like that. I'd be interested in a scrap with Paulo Thiago. It would be a good combination of styles. Loser leaves town.