Ben Brown Is Now Leaving B/R- Thank You For The Memories My Friends!

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Ben Brown Is Now Leaving B/R- Thank You For The Memories My Friends!

Just a few days ago I was talking to my friend, Shanan, and he told me how upset he would be if I left Bleacher Report because I wouldn’t be able to see him again.


 I was so sure in my head that I wouldn’t be leaving so I had to reassure Shanan that I would never leave the place that I have spent countless hours writing for.


Now I find my self saying good bye. No longer will I check my email and see that any of our amazing editors here at B/R edited my work and fixed my many errors. Never again will I get that funny feeling in my stomach when I see that my article was picked as someone’s favorite.


The reason for my absence is that I am now going to be writing for Next Season Sports during an internship. It might lead to a writing job with them, it might not. But the point is that they don’t want me writing for any other publication during my tenure with them because they are considered a “competitor”.


I have been so fortunate to have guys like Bob Warja, Richard Marsh , Mike Kent, Nino Colla, Chris Defrancisco, TAB, Isaac and Andrew to give me advice throughout this delightful journey.


Sure I have had a small ruffle with many writers on this site as we had difference of our opinions. But now our problems are settled because our focus is centered around sports. But we have occasionally thrown in other topics as well.


I may still come on here to comment on peoples articles but as for my own writing, it won’t be coming out as it has been, it is now time to sadly be stopped.


I would love to thanks our own creator, Zander Freund because without him none of us would be here today. None of us would have stumbled upon this site in our own unique way.


The editors here have been nothing but perfect for me. I have had many errors and corrections that I am sure they were tired of fixing, but they still did it.


I came on this site as some stupid kid who’s only writing experience was from school. Now I try to be humble at everything I do and I believe I have been accomplishing that task.


Although I have conspired many stupid trades such as Carlos Quentin to the  Mariners for Brandon Morrow I have now improved off of my once horrid writing.


I hope you have enjoyed my short tenure with this site.


Thank you all, for the memories, the advice, the editing and the friendships. I would want to thank you all individually but we all know that there are way to many writers on this site but you all have made a difference.


Thank you and so long for now my friends…

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