Jay Cutler is the Missing Baldwin Brother

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Jay Cutler is the Missing Baldwin Brother

What am I talking about?

I am talking about Jay Cutler being the fifth Baldwin Brother. That's right folks, you have heard it first right here on Bleacher Report. Cutler is a Baldwin.

The idea to look into this was first brought up by last weeks SNL featuring Alec Baldwin. There was a skit featuring Alec as the fourth Jonas Brother. When I saw this I thought it would be great if there was a long lost Baldwin bother as well. 

So I started researching the topic. In the beginning I had nothing there appeared no way I was going to locate him, then it happened. 

A young chubby headed quarterback complaining on the news about how he was betrayed. How did I miss this. 

Jay fit the "Baldwin Mold" perfectly. He has blue eyes, puffy cheeks, and a double chin. Then when you add in his emotional complex  and high pedestal how can he not be a Baldwin. 

So I started to look into it and sure enough it is true. 

So how does this explain the drama. Well for those of you that don't know the four "well known" Baldwin brothers are all actors. Some obviously better then others, but all actors none the less. 

Which means acting is in his genetics. So he used it and I'll admit that although it was not the best acting it did work. 

This article was purely written to inform the people of my discovery.

Also, kudos Cutler, or should I say Jay Baldwin. You fooled all of us for many years, but now you have been exposed. 

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