Ohio State vs. Michigan Fans

Sean FlanneryContributor IApril 5, 2009
Have you ever gotten the feeling that your wife and her family are smarter than you and your family? I painted a dinosaur mural on my son’s nursery and afterwards, a dinosaur theme has developed with Colin, where people buy him bibs, and shirts, and blankets with dinosaurs. Or, I should say my wife's family—who all went to University of Michigan—buys dinosaur shirts. My family —who all went to Ohio State”’—buys dragons and calls them dinosaurs.


Differences in Education

University of Michigan

Ohio State


Relatedly (I’m sure), weddings are much different. Jessica’s family barely drinks and often has dry events. I have a cousin who once shat in the urinal after a banquet hall cut us off.

So, I guess the point is: Ohio State fans, while having a terrible grasp of paleontology, are a lot more fun to party with.