Hockey coverage on OLN

Mike EaganSenior Analyst IApril 27, 2006
For someone who has the SportsCenter Talking Head Blues as much as I do, OLN's nightly Stanley Cup Playoff highlight show has been a revelation.
Pretty much the only national, nightly NHL highlight show around these days, "NHL On the Fly: Final" showcases the sport itself rather than anchors' personalities.  Akin to how many European networks show 20-25 minute condensed versions of the day's soccer matches, "On the Fly's" highlights feature just that:  highlights.  No anchor narration, no "Boo-yeah," no "He's going to the Red Light District" quip after every goal -- just a series of well-chosen clips featuring the broadcasters' live call of the game.  When highlights aren't being played, the anchors are unobtrusive, knowledgeable and classy, things that some of ESPN's "on-air talent" can only aspire to be.
If Comcast/OLN is indeed using its NHL rights as a springboard to challenge the ESPN/ABC/Disney television sports monopoly, this is a good start. 
[EDIT: Hmm, on the other hand, maybe not...