Real Madrid vs. Granada: Score, Grades and Postmatch Reaction

Richard LangfordCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo provided all the scoring as Real Madrid fell to Granada, 1-0, in a La Liga clash on Saturday at Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes. 

No, there were no typos in that sentence, Ronaldo scored in the wrong net for the game's only score. It was a stunning way for the match's only score to come and it created a shocking upset.

Granada entered this match 20 points behind Madrid in the La Liga table and in 16th place to Madrid's third. 

This is just the way things have been going for the reigning La Liga champs. It  was their eighth away loss this year. 

Needless to say, this was a disappointing performance for Los Blancos. They looked out of sorts from the start and could never snap out of the funk.

Madrid dominated possession, but they weren't doing anything with it. The passing was listless and their shots were off target. In fact, their shots were so off target that they did not have an on-target shot until Ronaldo pulled one off in the 58th minute. They finished with just four on-target shots. 

It is understandable why Madrid struggled. This team is coming off of an exhausting El Clasico draw on Jan. 30, and they also have a Champions League match with Manchester United awaiting on Feb. 13.

However, while it is understandable, it doesn't make it acceptable. The reigning La Liga champs need to be better than this putrid performance.

Also, it isn't every day when the great Ronaldo has a blunder. This Twitter and soccer enthusiast took time to savor the moment. 

While this moment certainly isn't one to go on Ronaldo's highlights. It did create this fun fact, pointed out by's Ben Hayward:


Player Grades

Cristiano Ronaldo: C

What can we say? It was not Ronaldo's greatest game. He did nearly even the score, but a nice save denied it.

As this match wore on, Ronaldo began to press as he tried to take on Granada by himself. It wasn't working, and it only seemed to frustrate his teammates. 


Tono: A

With all of the off-target shots, Tono did not have a lot of work in the Granada goal. 

However, he did have some key saves. One came on the just-mentioned Ronaldo shot, and there was another excellent effort in the closing moments to help preserve one of the club's great wins. 


Karim Benzema: C

Benzema came off the bench and he definitely brought energy, but like his teammates, he was off.

With time running out, Benzema had what was essentially an open net to deposit the equalizer, and he badly missed it wide right. 


Odion Ighalo:  B

Granada didn't get a lot going on offense. In fact, they fired off just four shots, none of which were on target. 

Their lack of chances was not the fault of Ighalo—he fired off three of the four shots. He also did what he could to keep his team's offense aggressive.