Aldo vs. Edgar: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

Scott HarrisMMA Lead WriterFebruary 2, 2013

Aldo vs. Edgar: Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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    UFC 156 culminates when Jose Aldo puts his featherweight title on the line against Frankie Edgar, himself a former champion at lightweight who made his debut at 145 pounds.

    This so-called "superfight," pitting champion against champion, is the main event of Saturday night's ultra-stacked UFC card. Away from the TV? Didn't spring for the pay-per-view? Here's a round-by-round recap and analysis. Follow these slides and follow the action as it unfolds. 

Round 1

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    The referee for the action is Steve Mazzagatti.

    They touch gloves in the center of the Octagon and we're on. Edgar lands first, a leg kick.

    Both men moving well. Aldo lands a mild jab. Crowd chanting "Aldo." Now others chanting "Frankie." Aldo catches Edgar with a jab coming in. Now a straight right and another and Frankie's nose is red.

    2:15 left in the round. Edgar lands an overhand right. Frankie darting in and out from the perimeter. No leg kicks yet from Aldo, which is interesting. Aldo hits Frankie while backing up. They trade jabs in the center. There's a big leg kick from Aldo at 0:45. You could hear that one.

    Another big one at 0:25 and that one hurt him. Edgar didn't check it at all, it just slammed in there. Round ends.

    My score: 10-9 Aldo

Round 2

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    Between rounds, Aldo's corner tells him to kick more, the translator says.

    Edgar rushes forward. They trade along the fence. The jab is getting through for Aldo. A leg kick from Edgar. Kick to Aldo's body lands.

    Edgar shoots for a takedown but nothing doing. Crowd chants "Aldo" again. A huge leg kick from Aldo, sounded like two oyster shells banged together.

    Another one at 2:28 and this is trouble. Edgar still coming forward. A jumping knee from Aldo seems to glance off, and they clinch up against the fence. One minute mark.

    Edgar catches a kick, Aldo falls and Edgar falls forward on top of him. Aldo right back up though. Two hard jabs from Aldo. Crazy Aldo spinning kick way off. End of round. 

    Score: 20-18 Aldo

Round 3

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    Edgar's corner between rounds: "You gotta check those kicks!" Then, "you gotta get chest-to-chest on the takedown."

    Some light trading to start the round. Edgar dancing, it's possible Aldo is getting a bit tired.

    Aldo lands a huge front kick almost right up Edgar's nose. Blood now. Edgar shakes it off, though. 

    Head kick from Edgar glances off. Both men tentative coming into the two-minute mark. Edgar lands a leg kick. Edgar catches a leg kick and tries the takedown but Aldo hops out of it. 

    Edgar lands an overhand right. He dances away from a leg kick. Tries a takedown but again, no chance. 

    Edgar attacking. Edgar lands kick to the body right at the horn.


    My score: 10-9 Edgar (29-28 Aldo)

Round 4

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    Aldo's corner between rounds: "Just kick his legs." Heh.

    Championship rounds. Aldo has gotten pretty conservative. Edgar still dancing around, darting in and out.

    High kick from Edgar. Not a lot of action.

    Another failed takedown from Edgar. 

    At 1:30, a big takedown from Edgar. Aldo's back up, but Edgar doesn't let him go and presses him head first into fence. Holding him there and landing knees to Aldo's hamstrings.

    My score: 10-9 Edgar. 38-38. VERY close heading into the final frame.

Round 5

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    Final round and the crowd's on their feet.

    Edgar takes the center and still looks pretty fresh. Edgar lands a leg kick. They trade right hands. Aldo tries a flying knee but it doesn't land flush. Aldo moves out of another takedown attempt.

    Spinning back kick from Edgar misses. Aldo catches him with a left coming in. Both men could really use something dramatic here.

    Edgar darts in and lands a little, pulls out and lands a leg kick. Then another leg kick. Aldo looks pretty gassed. Edgar throws a kick and misses. Edgar clinches him up and lands a knee on the way out.

    A Frankie combo lands. A kick upstairs on Aldo, then a leg kick. They trade hard shots in the center. Aldo got the better of it. One minute left.

    Frankie lands a combo. Edgar pushes in but Aldo fends him off. Edgar tries a front kick and barely misses. Edgar lands a right on Aldo's eye. Aldo lands a big straight punch right at the horn. Great fight.

    My score: 48-47 Frankie Edgar

    Official decision: 49-46, 49-46, 48-47 Jose Aldo def. Frankie Edgar by unanimous decision


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