How Pacman Jones Should Use His Extra Life

Tim SeemanAnalyst IMarch 28, 2008

Radio is not for redemption, especially when the guy hosting the show is Michael Irvin.

Football fans can give credit to Adam "Pacman" Jones, the much-maligned, highly talented, soon-to-be-former Tennessee Titan, for trying to turn a new leaf.

Pacman needs to realize that the winds of change won't blow quite hard enough in Dallas for his leaf to flip.

Don't worry, Dallas; it won't be your fault.

Temptation will follow Pacman to any city in which he continues his career.  Detroit, Charlotte, Seattle...Even the Land of 10,000 Lakes isn't safe, because Lord knows there's a loveboat floating on at least one of them.

The one place where Pacman has a chance to not only survive, but also to flourish, is Green Bay.

Middle linebacker Nick Barnett is a prime example of how lives can be changed for the better in America's Dairyland.

Instead of enjoying the company of his one-year-old son during Father's Day last June, Barnett spent an hour sitting in a prison cell in Outagamie County, Wisconsin following an altercation at a night club in Appleton.

He found himself surrounded by drug dealers and drunk drivers instead of by his family.  In his temporary cell, Barnett began to reconsider what his priorities were.

Barnett had tried to bring the urban life to Green Bay in 2005.  The same kind of life that victimizes so many NFL players like Pacman and former Denver Bronco Darrent Williams.

The nightclub he opened drew nothing but noise complaints from Green Bay citizens and problems with Green Bay's city council regarding liquor licensing.

Barnett finally gave up trying to own and operate his club.  He asked his mother and sister to move to Green Bay.  Now, whenever he's home in Green Bay, he eats dinner with them and his son, helping to keep him grounded.

This is the kind of influence Pacman needs in his life as he tries to show Roger Goodell that he truly has changed.

Green Bay also facilitated Brett Favre and Koren Robinson's recoveries.  Favre has since retired, but Robinson and especially Barnett could set an example for Pacman to follow as he tries to become not only a respectable football player, but a respectable citizen as well.