Ravens vs. 49ers: Top Celebrity Super Bowl Picks for Both Teams

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Ravens vs. 49ers: Top Celebrity Super Bowl Picks for Both Teams
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Kickoff for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers is rapidly approaching, and everyone from Maya Angelou to Vanilla Ice is weighing in with their picks for the game.

The Scripps Howard News Service conducts a poll of celebrities each year, asking them to predict the winner of the Super Bowl 

A variety of different reasons were provided for the projections, with some cultural icons providing thoughtful, detailed analysis for their choice, and others freely admitting that they are taking a wild guess.

Here are the highlights of this year’s celebrity Super Bowl picks.

Note: all quotes courtesy of SHNS.com.

Jack Nicklaus, Golf Legend

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Prediction: Ravens 24, 49ers 21

Jack Nicklaus knows a few things about winning with 18 major victories. But his reason for choosing Baltimore has nothing to do with superior focus or desire among the Ravens, and instead, Nicklaus reveals that he is a homer:

“I believe the Ravens have more players from the state of Florida. Living in Florida, that gives me another reason to root for them.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor/Politician 

Prediction: 49ers 27, Ravens 23 

While Schwarzenegger no longer has an electorate to influence his decision, it’s still unsurprising that he went with the team located a short drive away from Sacramento:

“Got to go with California this year!”

Robert Van Winkle, Musician a.k.a. Vanilla Ice

Prediction: Ravens 31, 49ers 28

Vanilla Ice is apparently still considered to be a celebrity and Scripps Howard News Service reached out to him for his guess: 

“They've already beat the two biggest offenses in the league, Denver and New England. The score will be close.”

Maya Angelou, Poet 

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Prediction: 49ers 27, Ravens 12

Legendary poet Maya Angelou was faced with a difficult decision, and had to choose whether her home or her profession would serve as inspiration for her prediction. In the end, she appeased her neighbors:

“Both teams are great and I like The Raven(s) because that is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe; however, San Francisco is my home!”

Bill Nye The Science Guy, Television Host

Prediction: Ravens 31, 49ers 24

Like any good scientist, Bill Nye gave reasoned and measured analysis, considered multiple angles, and provided an educated guess:

“The Ravens are more explosive; they pass more. They hit a little harder than the 49ers; they will create a couple of big plays on both sides of the ball.”


Bill O’Reilly, Television Host

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Prediction: 49ers 24, Ravens 17

Listen up, pinheads. Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has a remarkably detailed prediction for how the game will turn out:

“49ers' offense will move the ball and control the clock. Ravens will turn the ball over twice.”

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