UFC 156: What We Learned from Yves Edwards vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Riley KontekFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2013

Dec 8, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA; Yves Edwards (black shorts) fights Jeremy Stephens (white shorts) during their Lightweight bout at MMA on FOX 5 at Key Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Strikeforce import Isaac Vallie-Flagg was welcomed to the UFC Saturday night by Yves Edwards, a longtime veteran who won his last fight. This bout represented Vallie-Flagg's new school against Edwards' old school.

Would there be a changing of the guard with this fight?

We would find out, as Vallie-Flagg beat Edwards via split decision in a close fight that could have been won by either man.


What We'll Remember About This Fight

There was nothing memorable about the fight; one thing really doesn't stick out. The fact that the fight was so competitive and close is something we'll remember. We also now know that Vallie-Flagg is a legit lightweight from Strikeforce.


What We Learned About Isaac Vallie-Flagg

He is tough and aggressive. His aggressive style is likely what won the judges over, but he is also very skilled. This is not surprising since he is a Greg Jackson product.


What We Learned About Yves Edwards

That old dog can still hunt. He gassed out toward the end of the fight, but he is still as dangerous as ever. He almost won the fight on the ground in the second round but ran out of time. The decision could have easily gone his way.


What's Next for Vallie-Flagg

I think Vallie-Flagg could take on a top-25 opponent. Maybe a fight with Myles Jury or Ross Pearson would be a fun next bout. 


What's Next for Edwards

This loss isn't a huge blemish for him. That said, he needs to get back in the win column. A bout against Mac Danzig would be a good challenge that could get him back in the mix with a win.