Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Showcasing Sunday's Most Anticipated Ads

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Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Showcasing Sunday's Most Anticipated Ads
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When the whistle blows and play stops at the Super Bowl, usually the fun is only just getting started for those watching at home on television. 

Over the years, Super Bowl ads have become almost as huge a spectacle as the game itself. Every year, companies shell out more and more money for funny, creative and entertaining commercials.

Here we'll showcase some of this year's most anticipated Super Bowl spots.


Volkswagen, "Get In. Get Happy."

If you enjoy Bob Marley, Red Stripe or vacationing in Jamaica, you're going to love Volkswagen's hilarious Super Bowl ad on Sunday evening.

The commercial features an office worker cheering up his co-workers on a Monday with a Jamaican accent. The premise of the ad is that Volkswagen owners are happier than that of their competitors. Although the spot has come under some fire from critics this past week, the majority of people so far have found it more funny than offensive.

In this case, the idea is certainly a bit edgy, but the commercial was executed to near-perfection. It's almost impossible not to chuckle at Dave's accent. Plus, it promotes happiness. 

What more could you ask for from Volkswagen?


AXE, "Lifeguard"

AXE is always going over the top in its commercials, but this 2013 Super Bowl ad rivals one of Old Spice's finest. 

It features a handsome lifeguard saving a beautiful woman from a shark by beating it up under the water. Then, in a strange twist at the end, the rescued woman ditches the lifeguard for an astronaut who's using AXE.

This is one of the shortest ads out there, but what it lacks in length it no doubt makes up for in humor.

Although most men wish body spray had an actual effect on women, the thought of the possibility definitely makes for a hilarious ad.


Hyundai, "Team"

Hyundai puts bullies in their place in their commercial for the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. The ad shows a little boy being bullied by a group of kids who take his football. They tell him to get a team if he wants to play, so he does.

He and his mother make a few humorous stops in their Santa Fe, picking up a group of tough, rugged kids, including one who's wrestling a bear when they arrive.

The ad doesn't slap you across the face with humor, but it's so outrageous it works. Overall it's well-done and certainly entertaining. It doesn't highlight any significant features of this year's model, but it's memorable nonetheless.


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