CM Punk Fan Thomas Dotterer and a Celebration of WWE Super Fans

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2013

CM Punk Fan Thomas Dotterer and a Celebration of WWE Super Fans

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    Liquor store employee Thomas Dotterer was recently inducted into the elusive fraternity of WWE super fans, and he did so the hard way.  It took a gun shot to the eye, local media coverage, and a WWE title loss over 400 days in the making, but he earned his fan card and earn it he did. 

    Super fans are a growing breed of wrestling enthusiasts who seemed to have become famous by rooting for famous wrestlers.  Talk about a niche.

    Such top billing inspired other super fans—those who have developed a cult or viral following for similar devotion. 

    Super fandom is an enterprise that nobody should quit their job to pursue.  But marketing one's passion is an ideal hobby. 

Honorable Mention: Miz Girl

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    It was this look that launched the Miz Girl into social media super stardom.  Following the Miz's first WWE championship win in an impromptu match against babyface Randy Orton, an enraged young WWE fan simply couldn't hold back her fury. 

    The WWE made the most out of the apoplectic child.  She was featured in numerous video packages highlighting the Miz's big victory, and was later honored with a WWE Slammy for Reaction of the Year. 

5. Brock Lesnar Guy

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    Brock Guy is one of the newest WWE super fans.  He had his biggest moment mimicking Brock Lesnar's signature pose, which was performed by Brock the night he returned to the WWE in April 2012. 

    Brock Guy recently attended the Royal Rumble and was spotted ringside.  He now has his own Twitter account and can be followed at @BrockLesnarGuy. 

4. We Hate Cena Guy

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    Few have personified the jaded, adult anti-Cena contingent better than the "We Hate Cena" Guy.  Unfortunately he is often presented as a source of misery.

    The "We Hate Cena" Guy is usually only shown on camera following a John Cena victory, when John Cena opts to celebrate with the despondent hater.  He has been seen at WrestleManias, Royal Rumbles and basically any pay-per-view where Cena has reigned supreme. 

    Ironically enough, he might be a good luck charm. 

3. Frank the WWE Clown

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    Frank the WWE Clown isn't too hard to miss at live shows.  He's the one with the colorful wig and make up. 

    Frank the Clown has been shouted out by John Cena and worked alongside the legendary Howard Finkel at 2010's SummerSlam Axxess.  No word yet on whether there is a pending gimmick infringement lawsuit from Doink. 

2. Thomas Dotterer

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    The current it guy in the world of super fans is newcomer Thomas Dotterer.  The 77-year-old employee of a family liquor store for almost 60 years, Dotterer was shot in the eye during a robbery. 

    Yet Dotterer claimed the obstruction of his life's work, with insult added to injury, was not the worst thing that happened to him that week. 

    He was more angered by CM Punk's loss to The Rock. 

    CM Punk subsequently reached out to Dotterer as the former WWE champion surprised the recovering senior citizen during a radio interview.  Dotterer is expected to be a guest of CM Punk's during an upcoming WWE house show in Syracuse. 

1. Sign Guy

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    WWE's Sign Guy was at the forefront of a new generation of WWE super fans.

    Sign Guy was featured in a USA promotional commercial as character to watch due to his unique devotion to the WWE.  He can often be seen in the front rows of WWE TV and pay-per-view wearing his trademark hat. 

    Real name Rick Achberger, Sign Guy has been infused in WWE TV angles, most notably in an argument with Triple H.