The NBA's 10 Coolest Courts

Tyson Agbayani@tysonagbayaniCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2013

The NBA's 10 Coolest Courts

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    While most basketball fans may have never thought of the NBA as a performance of art, it is exactly that. 

    From fancy dribble moves to rim-rocking dunks, NBA players often showcase their individual expressions of art through their play on the hardwood.

    Like the players, NBA teams and their organizations also have their own ways of displaying art through logos, uniforms and court designs. While uniforms and logos seem to take most of the glory, the designs of some NBA courts deserve much more attention. 

    With that being said, here are the NBA's 10 coolest courts in alphabetical order.

    *All court images shared were created by Darjan Lukic.  

Atlanta Hawks

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    Since its redesigning back in 2007, the Atlanta Hawks' court has become one of the more cleaner looking hardwoods around the league.

    One of the biggest changes the Hawks have made in their design in both the logo and the court has been the change of primary colors from red, yellow and black to navy blue, red and white.

    While I personally prefer the older color scheme, the Hawks have done a great job of incorporating their new colors in their primary and secondary logos on the court. With the addition of a darker, more finished-looking hardwood lining the boundaries, the Hawks' court is both visually appealing on TV and in person.

Boston Celtics

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    Nothing screams tradition like the Boston Celtics and their home court.  

    Since the 1940s, the Celtics have kept the same style of hardwood known as parquet flooring. While the original reasoning behind the selection of the parquet floor was because of limited supplies during World War II, the floor has become one of the many traditions associated with the storied franchise.

    Although the Celtics haven't welcomed much change in terms of court design over the years, their court is still one of the best looking in the league. With the iconic colors of green and white and the history of 17 championships embedded into their floor, the Celtics should have no reason to spice things up with their court design. 

Brooklyn Nets

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    If I had to choose the NBA's best looking court, there is no doubt that I would select the home court of the Brooklyn Nets.  

    After moving the team from New Jersey to Brooklyn this season, the Nets have completely changed the look and feel of the team as they opted for a much more traditional color scheme of black and white. While the logo and primary colors may seem plain to some, the reasoning behind the color scheme has everything to do with the tradition and culture of Brooklyn (via Tom Weir of USA Today).

    Aside from the new logo and primary colors, the court itself is also a thing of beauty. The Nets went for originality when they chose a herringbone pattern for their hardwood. The Nets clearly wanted to make a splash this season, and in the visual aspect of the game, they definitely have.         

Golden State Warriors

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    In 2010, the Golden State Warriors made a bold move when they decided to change their logos and court designs to incorporate their old color scheme of royal blue and yellow.

    With the addition of the Bay Bridge in their logo along with the royal blue and yellow, the Warriors have arguably taken the title of having the freshest uniforms in the NBA. While the uniforms have been a huge success, so has been the court.

    Whether it is the royal blue or the pop of that yellow on the hardwood, the combination of the two really makes the Warriors' court one of the most appealing in the NBA.      

Los Angeles Lakers

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    If any basketball fan had a question about how many championships the Los Angeles Lakers have won, their new court design answers that.

    The Lakers unveiled their new floor design this year and one of the biggest additions has been the 16 stars symbolizing their championships around the center court logo.  Along with this and the addition of secondary logos inside the three-point line, the Lakers also changed up their baseline logo font by getting rid of the awkward block letters and going with more of a italicized script.     

    While the Lakers didn't necessarily revamp their court completely in terms of colors or overall design, what they did add has made an already great court stand out that much more.  

Philadelphia 76ers

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    When I think of the Philadelphia 76ers, I can't help but think of Allen Iverson and those hideous overmodernized black jerseys. 

    While Iverson's time in Philly may be missed, those uniforms and logos haven't been. In 2009, the 76ers made a great decision when they elected to go back to their old logo and color scheme of red, white and blue.  

    Although the 76ers have kept their court rather simple since electing to go back, their court is still one of the best looking in the NBA.  With a good balance of their primary colors and also a throwback feel to it, their court is almost as clean as it gets.

Phoenix Suns

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    Steve Nash and Grant Hill leaving may have ended an era in Phoenix, but by the looks of their new court, the Suns look ready to move on.

    The Phoenix Suns took a huge step in the right direction when they decided to totally redesign their home court, ditching purple almost completely and going with an orange and black color scheme.      

    Along with the changing up of their color scheme, the Suns also elected to get rid of the flaming cartoon basketball at midcourt and replacing it with an ambigram "Suns" logo that can be read wherever you're are sitting.  The Suns went with a more modern look with this design, and in my opinion it couldn't have turned out better.

Portland Trail Blazers

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    There's just something about the Portland Trail Blazers' logo and their court design that really sets the standard for the way courts should look.  

    To start things off, the logo at midcourt is simply a beautiful one for a basketball team and a definite change from other courts that either sport team names, cities or sometimes both.

    The color scheme of red, black and silver is also a great mix of colors that go well with the rest of the hardwood.  The Trail Blazers set themselves apart from other teams as they have chosen to leave the painted area unpainted and instead paint the circle above the foul line red. The Trail Blazers and the team that designed their court deserve praise for creating this work of art.            

San Antonio Spurs

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    Like the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns, the San Antonio Spurs also decided to update their court for this season.

    One of the biggest changes the Spurs have done with their court was dropping the outdated midcourt logo and going for a more modern look at half court.  The Spurs kept it real classy and clean while also still being able to incorporate the "U" spur in their logo.

    The Spurs also added a more modern feel to their court by electing to paint their painted area black. Previously the Spurs left that area unpainted and while I praised the Trail Blazers for keeping their paint unpainted, the black painted area for the Spurs only seems to add more flavor to their new court.

Toronto Raptors

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    The Toronto Raptors made waves last season when they became the first venue in North America to use 3D logos on their court.  

    While the 3D baseline logos can only be seen at certain angles and not at all in the picture displayed, on TV it appears clearly as a sandwich board that reads "Raptors."

    Aside from the cool factor of the 3D illusion on the baseline, the Raptors also have a great court design and color scheme.  The two-toned court seems to work well with the red and black and their updated logo at midcourt is leaps and bounds better than their old logo of a raptor dribbling a basketball.  But let's be honest, its the 3D illusion that makes the Raptors one of the coolest courts in the league.