The Doctor's WWE Main Event/SmackDown Recap: Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 1, 2013

Picture by Natash Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)
Picture by Natash Farley (Images property of WWE, BBC and Bleacher Report)

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my weekly Main Event and SmackDown recap list. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, each week I recap SmackDown with a long list.
The entries are made up of equal parts observations, humor, recap, play-by-play, revelations, speculations, questions, answers and anything else I notice during the show. I sometimes comment on commercials, too, just because I get bored during them.
I try and interject some fun into these lists, so I hope you have fun reading this week's list of the 122 things we learned, loved and hated from the show.


Main Event

1. The show kicks off with a replay of Paul Heyman's performance review and subsequent attack by Brock Lesnar on Vince McMahon.
2. I am happier for Jericho's return than for Lesnar's.
3. Lesnar is cool, but Jericho is probably going to be here every week until WrestleMania and Brock will be sporadic.
4. I do like Lesnar's yellow sneakers, though.
5. Heyman's acting was a highlight of Monday.
6. Miz comes out for MizTV at the top of the show.
7. He says his talk show is the most must-see talk show in history.
8. Meh. King's Court was one of my favorites as a kid.
9. He brings out Ryback as his guest.

10. Ryback comes out and says "Thanks for having me, I am a really big fan of your show."
11. They exchange some "reallys" and Ryback makes a joke about the chairs being comfortable.
12. WWE didn't even try to edit in laughter for either of their jokes.
13. They talk about Antonio Cesaro running away during his match against Ryback last week.
14. Cesaro comes out and screams at Miz and Ryback as he heads to the ring.
15. Cesaro saved that segment.
16. After the break, Ryback and Cesaro gets underway.
17. Ryback holds a standing suplex for about 20 seconds before dropping Cesaro on his back.
18. That was impressive.
19. Michael Cole and Miz barely discuss the match in front of them on commentary.
20. Ha. Little Naitch barely made it out of the way when Ryback threw Cesaro out of the ring.
21. Ryback almost gets counted out and Cesaro lays in with hard strikes when he gets back in the ring.
22. This might be my favorite Ryback match. Cesaro is getting in some good offense and Ryback is selling it pretty well.
23. Cesaro rolls to the outside after a Meat Hook and Ryback chases after him and brings him back.
24. Whoa. Cesaro lays Miz out with a kick out of nowhere. It looked pretty stiff, too.
25. Cesaro leaves through the crowd and gets counted out again.
26. I wonder if WWE is going to have Ryback win the US title from Cesaro at some point?
27. It would be smart for WWE to have him hold a mid-card title first.
28. After the break we see the worst moment from Raw. Tensai and Clay's dancing segment.
29. Prime Time Players run into Tensai backstage and piss him off.
30. I have to say that PTP get more entertaining every week. Their exit from this segment was priceless.
31. Clay walks up and Tensai says Monday wasn't funny at all and walks away.
32. I am all for WWE pairing up Clay and Tensai as a tag team, but I would have hoped Clay would have gotten more intense to match Tensai, instead of Tensai getting more ridiculous to match Clay.
33. By the way, I am predicting WWE will pair them up as a team. A face turn might be what saves Tensai's WWE career, though.
34. I wonder what Karl Anderson thinks of his former tag team partner's recent booking.
35. Why would they replay the same segment from Raw on Main Event twice? This show is only an hour long.

36. Titus and Tensai are facing off after the break.
37. Titus stands his ground against the larger Tensai in a show of strength.
38. Tensai puts him in the corner and punches, kicks and headbutts him before knocking him down with a shoulder block.
39. Titus rolls out of the ring and Tensai chases him. Titus catches Tensai with a hard kick when he rolls back in the ring.
40. After an awesome exchange of lefts and rights, we see Titus get the upper hand.
41. Tensai shoves Titus, and Titus comes back with a huge boot to the face for a two-count.
42. This match is making me think that Titus could be a solid singles wrestler if PTP ever break up.
43. Titus takes Tensai out of the ring with a clothesline and Young stands over him, laughing.
44. Clay's music hits and he comes out to make sure they don't double-team Tensai
45. After the break, we see that Clay has decided to stay at ringside for the remainder of the match.
46. What's really amazing is watching Tensai morph into Vladimir Kozlov right in front of our eyes.
47. Titus and Tensai try and suplex each other for about 30 seconds before  Titus finally hits a very impressive suplex or a two count.
48. That took serious strength. A suplex is a lot harder to pull off than a simple body slam or fireman's carry.
49. This is a pretty damn good match. Both of these powerhouses are taking it to each other like they are on a much larger stage than Main Event.
50. Tensai misses a running splash and Titus gets a two count.
51. Titus ends up hitting a body slam on Tensai and he made it look easy.
52. The Funkadactyls get the crowd behind Tensai, who starts to get angry as Titus keeps pounding on him.
53. A sidewalk slam out of nowhere gets Tensai some breathing room.
54. Tensai mocks the bark Titus does before hitting a series of headbutts.
55. Tensai plants Titus with a Two-Handed Chokeslam and then he starts dancing a little bit before hitting a running senton for the pin and the win.
56. For the second week in a row, the match that was supposed to be the "secondary" match on Main Event ended up stealing the show.
57. The post-match dancing with Clay and Tensai didn't even hurt that much.
58. OK, it hurt a little to watch Giant Bernard boogie down, but if he ends up getting a push out of this as a babyface, then I am willing to see where it goes.
59. Tonight started off weak with a rather uncomfortable episode of MizTV, but it got better as it went along.
60. Main Event has been producing good shows on a consistent basis and WWE deserves credit for that.


61. SmackDown opens with a recap of the Royal Rumble and Raw.
62. We see Alberto Del Rio in the parking lot with a metal pipe in his hand, pacing back and forth.
63. We got to the ring and Booker welcomes us to the show.
64. Booker talks about how Cena chose to wrestle for the WWE title at Mania, so they need to see who will face the World champion.
65. Khali, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Team Hell No and Ziggler are all here to talk about the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.
66. Nice! Jack Swagger's music hits and he comes out on the ramp.
67. Booker asks where he has been and Swagger says he has been living the life of a real American.
68. Does that mean eating fast food and watching reality shows or chopping firewood and hunting deer?
69. Swagger says he wants to be in the Chamber match and Ziggler says he doesn't even want to be in the match since he has the Money in the Bank briefcase.
70. Book informs Ziggler he has a match against Del Rio tonight.

71. Book also announces Team Hell No vs. Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.
72. Mysterio comes out with an outfit that looks like it was designed by Batman's sidekick.
73. Sin Cara's new ring gear is pretty interesting. He has a radioactive tiger kind of thing going for him.
74. Mysterio and Kane starts things off in the tag match after the break.
75. Rey hits some quick offense leading to a reverse DDT for a near fall on Kane.
76. Cara tags in and they hit a pair of kicks to Kane.
77. Kane takes back control and tags in Daniel Bryan.
78. Cara takes him down with a jumping armdrag.
79. Rey gets the tag and comes in hot with more offense to Bryan.
80. JBL says he hates Mysterio, but he is fun to watch.
81. Bryan hits a unique move to Mysterio and then gets a tag in to Kane, who hits a low dropkick to Mysterio.
82. JBL makes some Back to the Future references.
83. He frequently reminds me why he is my favorite commentator with stuff like that.
84. We see Bryan lock Sin Cara in a surfboard submission after the break.
85. Bryan holds Cara in it while he tags Kane, who hits a dropkick to Cara.
86. Kane hits a sidewalk slam for two-count.
87. Cara gets put on the top rope and he fights back and ends up hitting a huge DDT to Kane to put both men down.
88. The crowd seems really into this match as Bryan and Mysterio both get tags.
89. Mysterio hits all his signatures, ending in a kick to Bryan's head for a two count.
90. He sets up Bryan for the 619, but Kane comes in and saves Bryan, only to get hit with a headscissors and taken out of the ring.
91. Bryan grabs Mysterio and puts him in the No Lock, but Cara saves Rey from having to tap out.
92. Cara takes out Kane outside the ring and Rey hits the 619 to Bryan for the pin and the win.
93. That was an awesome way to kick off the show. That was an above average tag team match in my opinion.
94. Bryan yells at Kane after the match about not being there to help him.

95. After the match, we get some highlights from the World title match at The Royal Rumble.
96. Del Rio is still outside the arena waiting for Big Show and Striker asks him about it.
97. ADR says he is just getting some fresh air and walks away.
98. I'm kind of getting into this ADR/Big Show feud. They seem to up their game every time they face each other, which is the key to a great feud, in my opinion.
99. The babyface turn for Del Rio is going better than expected, too. He really seems to be embracing the role.
100. After the break we get Jinder Mahal vs. Khali.
101. I am going to give this a chance before I decide if this is going to kill the show's momentum.
102. We are about two minutes into this match and I am still waiting for either commentator to bring up the history between Khali and Mahal.
103. D-Mac gets on the apron and mocks Natalya, only to get a chop to the head from Khali.
104. Khali gets the quick win over Mahal and I am pissed that nobody brought up the fact that Khali and Mahal were once linked.

105. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow tell Booker that they are no longer a tag team, but they will remain best friends.
106. I am very disappointed by this, but at least the segment was entertaining. Sandow and Rhodes have a chemistry that I will miss in the tag team division.
107. Damien Sandow and Sheamus face off after the break. These two have had some good matches before, so I am hoping this will get the show back on a good path.
108. I'm still a little in shock about Rhodes Scholars breaking up as Sandow makes his entrance.
109. Sandow is very aggressive right off the bat, but Sheamus quickly reverses the momentum and sends Sandow outside the ring the hard way.
110. Sandow jumps on Sheamus, rolls back into the ring and takes back control.
111. Sheamus and Sandow trade control back and forth. This match has been a lot of strikes and very few wrestling holds.
112. That is not a complaint. These two are not having a wrestling match, they are having a fight.
113. As Sheamus hits the Irish Hand Grenades we hear The Shield's music hit and they make their way through the crowd.
114. They surround the ring and Sheamus is able to lay out Rollins with a Brogue Kick before Reigns and Ambrose take him down.
115. He comes back and tosses Reigns from the ring, but Ambrose and Reigns still manage to keep him grounded.
116. Rollins recovers and they hit the triple powerbomb on Sheamus.
117. Sandow seemed to escape beneath everyone's radar.

118. After the break we get Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett.
119. I feel like we have seen this match too many times in a short span of time, but they always manage to have a decent match together, so I won't argue.
120. Barrett takes a powder early in the match as Josh Mathews recalls how Barrett lost to Bo Dallas on Monday.
121. Barrett controls a lot of the match, but he ends up hitting the Bull Hammer to the ring post instead of Orton.
122. Orton hits an RKO and beats Barrett...again.
123. That was a shorter match than I expected.
124. After the break we see Wade Barrett attack Bo Dallas out of frustration.
125. Barrett really gives him a beating.
126. I guess that was his way of saying "Welcome to the WWE, kid."

127. Kofi Kingston is out next for a match with Jack Swagger.
128. Swagger is all business as he comes to the ring.
129. JBL puts over Swagger's amateur record as Swagger controls the early part of the match.
130. Did Kofi add more tats on his back?
131. Kofi comes back with some signature offense, but Swagger ends up hitting a huge clothesline to take back control.
132. I like that Swagger has upped his intensity, but I still feel like he is holding something back when I watch him wrestle.
133. He doesn't have that "Snap" to his moves that Shelton Benjamin and Kurt Angle have.
134. Does anyone even know what I am talking about or did that make no sense?
135. Kofi turns a throw into a monkey flip and Swagger gets right back up.
136. Kofi starts hitting some of his signatures leading into a Boom Drop.
137. Swagger catches Kofi when he goes for Trouble in Paradise, but Kofi ends up dropkicking him out of the ring anyway.
138. Swagger tries to Irish whip Kofi into the steel steps and Kofi jumps over them.
139. Kofi ends up missing the TIP and his leg hits the announce table.
140. Swagger rolls him back in the ring and applies the Ankle Lock to get the submission win.
141. That was a decent back-and-forth match, but I would have expected Swagger to have more control in his return match.
142. JBL put over Swagger really well throughout the match.

143. Del Rio is shown outside the arena, still waiting with his steel pipe.
144. He sees Big Show's bus pull up and he hides.
145. Show gets off the bus and looks around like he is expecting to see someone there.
146. Del Rio comes out of nowhere and misses with the pipe twice, destroying some poor guy's car.
147. Show tells Del Rio he is insane.
148. Show seems scared as Del Rio grabs the pipe again. He jumps in a car and drives of as Del Rio watches in anger.
149. That segment made Del Rio look nuts. I loved it.

150. Ziggler and Del Rio have their match after the break.
151. I guess Ricardo is selling his injuries by not being here to introduce Del Rio.
152. Ziggy and ADR trade some holds early in the match.
153. Del Rio takes control and gets a near fall after a running kick.
154. Ziggler hits his jumping DDT for a two count. It was really obvious that Del Rio's head came nowhere near the mat. They should have used a different camera angle for that one.
155. JBL says that AJ has chased more sports stars than Eva Longoria.
156. Ziggler keeps ADR grounded for a little while, but Del Rio is able to hit a German suplex to take back control of the match.
157. Langston knocks Del Rio from the top rope when the ref is distracted, but Del Rio is still able to kick out.
158. The ref boots Langston when he tries to get in the ring and AJ is flipping out as we head to break.
159. We return to see Ziggler gets crotched on the top rope and then taken down with a superplex.
160. Ziggler and Del Rio start trading shots, and Del Rio gets the better of the exchange when Ziggler misses a corner splash.
161. Del Rio hits a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker followed by a nasty kick to the face for a two count on Ziggy.
162. I am not surprised that this is turning out to be a really good match.
163. Del Rio tries for a Cross Arm Breaker and Ziggler counters into a Famouser for a two count.
164. Del Rio hits a back stabber for a two count.
165. DAMN! Del Rio leaps off the top rope and Ziggler hits him right in the face with a dropkick for a two count.
166. That spot looked awesome.
167. Del Rio counters a Zig Zag into a CAB and he gets the submission win.
168. That was a great way to end the show. That match had everything.
169. Big Show comes on the big screen after the match and he taunts Del Rio.
170. He has Ricardo, who is in a neck brace. He tells Del Rio to stay in the ring or he will snap Ricky like a straw.
171. Big Show hits Ricky with the KO Punch and Del Rio takes off to the back.
172. A ref is calling or help as Ricardo lays knocked out.
173. Del Rio runs up and tries to help. The show ends with Del Rio calling frantically for a doctor.
174. Did Big Show just kill Ricardo?
175. This feud is getting better as it goes. Del Rio and Big Show are working well together.
176. I really enjoyed most of the show tonight.
177. There were several great matches, with the only real let down being Khali and Mahal's match.
178. The announcers totally ignored the fact that they had a relationship early in Mahal's career. Seems like a big oversight.
179. Mysterio and Sin Cara getting a clean win over Team Hell No makes me think that they may be next in line for a title shot.
180. Rhodes Scholars ending their team was a bit of a shocker, but the fact that WWE had them end their partnership on their own terms on not because of one turning on the other shows promise for a possible reunion down the line.
181. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts on Main Event and SmackDown below.


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