10 Things We Wish to See at the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend

Jonathan Wasserman@@NBADraftWassNBA Lead WriterFebruary 2, 2013

10 Things We Wish to See at the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend

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    The NBA All-Star Weekend gives us a chance to see scenarios in our head play out in real life.

    It offers us the game's top three-point shooters in one contest and a show from the most athletic dunkers in the league.

    But most importantly, it puts the game's 24 best players on one court at the same time. The dynamic of these teams is overwhelming. You got Carmelo Anthony playing with Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant playing with Kevin Durant.

    The star power under one roof will be bright enough to light the entire city of Houston.

Kobe Bryant Finish with More Assists Than Points

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    If the Lakers don't need Kobe Bryant to score so much, the Western Conference All-Stars certainly don't either.

    Sometimes, it appears Kobe is gunning for that MVP trophy in warmups. What a statement it would be if he came out dishing like a point guard and finished the game with more dimes than points. It sounds unrealistic, but not when you think about who he'll be passing to.

    With Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Blake Griffin, finishing targets shouldn't be too hard to find.

    Look for the Mamba to continue embracing his role as a facilitator and try to sneak a crazy assist number into the box score.

James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant Back Together

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    Let's hope that James Harden gets to share the floor with his old teammates, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, which would mark the first time they've played together since Harden's potential has been confirmed.

    No longer just a sixth man, Harden is now the NBA's fifth-leading scorer. It makes you wonder what the Thunder could have been like had they found a way to keep this nucleus intact.

    Thanks to All-Star Weekend, we should get a quick glimpse.

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett Renew Rivalry

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    After a bizarre altercation left Carmelo Anthony waiting for Kevin Garnett outside the Celtics' team bus, the two Eastern Conference All-Star starters seemed to have kissed and made up.

    How uninteresting.

    Everyone is buddy-buddy these days. What happened to all the heated rivalries that used to exist back in the 1980s and 1990s? This one had the potential to be great.

    A few weeks ago, the thought of Melo and Garnett playing on the same team sounded ludicrous. Now it's a non-story.

    I'm hoping for something to happen Russell Westbrook-Thabo Sefolosha style. The East was a lot more fun when Melo and KG didn't get along.

The All-Star Game Come Down to a Final Possession

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    I would love to be a fly in the huddle if this game comes down to the final possession. I want to know who's asking for the ball and what's being drawn up.

    This would definitely be a situation in which egos come into play. All 10 guys likely want the last shot, and they are probably qualified to take it.

    Who gets the rock for the East? Carmelo Anthony seems like the team's go-to guy in clutch situations.

    What about for the West? Does Kobe Bryant defer to Kevin Durant?

    These are questions I want answered.

Dunk Contest Challenge: Jump over Charles Barkley

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    I love where Chase Budinger's head was at, pulling Sean "Puffy" Combs out of the crowd and using him as a hurdle.

    But Puff is listed at 6'0''. That's an undersized point guard in the NBA's world. How about soaring over someone a little taller or a little rounder?

    Somebody has to dunk over our man Charles Barkley. This would be a baller move and worthy of a 10 if it can be pulled off with full clearance.

    Plus, Chuck in a state of vulnerability sounds entertaining in itself.

Andre Drummond, Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis in the Rising Stars Challenge

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    Andre Drummond might as well be playing in Detroit with a leash around his neck. I want to see the new kids on the block play a game without any restrictions.

    These three guys are holding down the 2012 class and represent the future of this league.

    Drummond will have the opportunity to introduce himself to the national stage. His freakish athleticism is a perfect fit for a game that sees more lobs than bounce passes.

    How about Damian Lillard? I'm looking forward to seeing him with the ball in his hands playing in an up-tempo game. We've seen what he can do in the half court, but now it's time to check out his flash in transition.

    And Anthony Davis should get some serious face-time during the Rising Stars Challenge. Expect him to be in a million places at once like he is every night for the Hornets.

    Drummond, Davis and Lillard should make this game worth watching before getting into the heavier action on All-Star Saturday.

One Self-Alley-Oop off the Backboard

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    This is the new coolest play in the game. We've seen JaVale McGee and Danilo Gallinari go for it. Tracy McGrady used it in past All-Star Games.

    Recently, San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin pulled it off for one of the most incredible plays you'll ever see.

    The Clippers have spoiled us. Player-to-player alley-oops are executed with such regularity these days that it's no longer a play worth an automatic second look.

    If the All-Star Game is going to pose as a platform for demonstrating YouTube-caliber plays, then I nominate the self-alley-oop as one that gets attempted more than once.

Steve Novak Versus Kyle Korver in a 3-Point Showdown

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    When I imagine three-point shooters, Kyle Korver and Steve Novak come to mind. I mean, these guys literally can't do anything except catch and shoot, but they happen to be very good at it.

    Korver leads the NBA in three-point percentage, with Novak three spots behind.

    I'm not a fan of the Kevin Loves, Kevin Durants and Paul Pierces entering the contest. This is a competition made for guys whose careers rely on the ability to do one thing really well, and that's shoot the long ball.

    Both players have inspiring stories, with Korver making it to the league from a mid-major school and Novak overcoming adversity after being waived several different times.

    This would be a battle of the two most unathletic players in All-Star Weekend, and it would be fantastic.

Drake Versus Chris Brown in Celebrity All-Star Game

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    The parties at All-Star Weekend are known to pop off, so you can be sure that Drake and Chris Brown won't be too far behind.

    It wasn't too long ago the hip-hop stars found themselves in the middle of a bottle-throwing brawl in a New York City nightclub. Tony Parker was there. He left with an injured eyeball that caused him to miss a week before the Summer Olympics. 

    Let's get these two wearing opposite jerseys and stick them on the same court. I want to see Drake and Brown isolated at the top of the key.

    The Celebrity Game usually stinks. Nobody wants to see Frankie Muniz try and dribble or Vinny from Jersey Shore blow a layup. If they're going to create a game in which none of the participants can play, they might as well make it interesting.

    Tony Parker probably hates this idea.

A Competitive All-Star Game

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    It's 2013, and we've pretty much seen every trick in the book. Alley-oops and windmill dunks just aren't that cool anymore.

    You know what is? Walk-off jumpers. Clutch free throws. Sweat and blood.

    This game has 24 of the greatest players in the world, and it only happens once every year. Why waste it intentionally letting your man go backdoor?

    Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James on the same team, playing against Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul? Haven't you ever played the "who would win" game? This is the rare opportunity for players to answer our hypothetical questions.

    Let's see them go after it. If someone gets a technical foul, then the players are doing their jobs.