Lane Kiffin Admits Wife Is a Gator Alum

GatorTailgating.comCorrespondent IApril 5, 2009

That's right Gator fans. The coach that has given us so many laughs since becoming the head coach at the University of Tennessee released a secret that won't be too appreciated in Big Orange Country. Layla Kiffin is a Gator Alum. Even better than that, she is also the daughter of former Gator Great John Reaves.

The news was released on the Dan Patrick radio show by Lane himself when asked about the mess surrounding his comments about Urban Meyer. He talked about how Layla was a Gator and how she has been in his ear about the Gators ever since they first started dating. Dan even asked if she cheered for the Gators. He said yes, but I doubt she'll be wearing orange and blue in the swamp this September when the Vols come to visit.

In further discussions, it was mentioned that she "loves Tim Tebow" and even has a poster of him up in their house, but I doubt he was serious about that. Other record searching has turned up that she was a sorority girl while in Gainesville and was a member of the ZTA, not that it should be a surprise.

I just want to hear what's said by his father-in-law and wife as he whines about Urban running up the score when the Gators are still scoring late in the fourth quarter up by three or four touchdowns.  I just hope she tells him like most women would tell their husbands after they've acted like an idiot, "Next time, think before you speak."

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