Super Bowl 2013: Biggest Takeaways from Harbaughs' Pregame Press Conference

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistFebruary 1, 2013

When brothers Jim and John Harbaugh square off against each other in Super Bowl XLVII, the head coaches will be entangled in one of the greatest NFL storylines of all time.

That’s why a joint press conference with the charismatic head coaches of the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens was utterly entertaining, albeit unorthodox.

Both coaches are very canny in their approach to the media, and the serious answers the duo gave about their thoughts leading up to a game of this magnitude supplied fans with a taste of who these men really are outside of football.

The class and demeanor that each Harbaugh brother has shown through this process is unprecedented, as is the duo’s willingness to put themselves out in front of the media during a joint press conference during Super Bowl Week.

Bleacher Report had this tweet showing just how close the Harbaugh Family really is:

As most fans would expect, the brothers showed full support of each other. They sang each other’s praises throughout the press conference, from John's reference to Jim's allusion to Shakespeare's Henry V St. Crispin's Day Speech (which he claims Jim has memorized) to going as far as saying each would be honored to work on a staff with their brother.

When John was asked about how he would feel winning or losing against his brother, the mild-mannered coach told Monique Jones of The Baltimore Sun about how nothing would really change:

It's not really about how we're going to feel. Every coach, every player, everybody in the organization, when you win it's jubilation. When you lose, it's just bitter disappointment because so much goes into it. It'll be no different with this game and probably even on a greater scale because of the opportunity to win a championship.

Jim and John also commented about their mother and what she meant to them growing up, but it was the talk about Jim’s son Jay that sparked many spectators’ interest. Jay works for his uncle John as an intern with the Ravens and will be squaring off against his father on Super Sunday.

Add in the talk of another Harbaugh and it’s almost too much to bear.

All the laughing and fun of the joint press conference aside, the Harbaugh brothers realize the magnitude of the situation; these men are just one win away from hoisting the greatest prize in professional football.

Despite all of the success both Jim and John have achieved over their coaching careers, each has remained family-oriented and team driven.

There is no arrogance between these two brothers; just confidence and talent.