U.S. Sports Cities with the Coolest Uniforms

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U.S. Sports Cities with the Coolest Uniforms
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Professional sports are huge in the United States.

As Ron Burgundy said in his ESPN promo: "Sports all the time? That's never going to work! That's ridiculous."

Now, after 33 years of SportsCenter, there are so many ESPN networks that I can't afford to subscribe to all of them in my cable package (really, ESPNews, I don't pay premium for portmanteau).

By revenue and viewership, no other country in the world can compare to the American obsession with four major sports that leaves no part of the calendar untouched.

You can't have Thanksgiving without the NFL. You can't have July 4th without Major League Baseball.

You can't have Christmas without the NBA or New Year's Day with the NHL's Winter Classic. Well, maybe not those last two.

Anyway, we love our sports in America. There are 12 cities with a professional sports team in each of the four major leagues; there are 29 cities that have at least two sports franchises.

Actually, I've extended that list to 32, as I don't consider geographical proximity a good enough reason to marry metropolises.

Thus, Baltimore is separate from Washington D.C, Oakland is different  from San Francisco and Anaheim is not Los Angeles. Want to be different, you angels "of Anaheim?" Congratulations, you're different (and you're not in the top 10).

So I've whittled down the 32 cities with multiple teams, graded each team's uniforms on a scale from one to 10, averaged out the score for that city and ranked the top 10.

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