Kate Upton Big Winner in 2013 Mercedes Benz Super Bowl Commercial

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 1, 2013

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Kate Upton will dominate pop culture a little longer when she descends into living rooms across the nation in epic Super Bowl commercials. 

Before Katherine Webb was caught watching her boyfriend win the BCS Championship, Kate Upton was cat daddying into our hearts. 

If Upton owned 2012, she is going to do her best to make her presence known in the new year. Last year's cover girl for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue will be plastered all over Mercedes-Benz commercials for the Super Bowl. 

First up was this ad we saw in January that "teased" what we might see on Super Bowl Sunday. 

As the Seattle Post-Intelligencer notes, we were a tad duped when you consider what races through the mind when you see Kate Upton and car wash mashed together. 

While that was a mere teaser, the car company provided a full extended cut of their "Soul" commercial which also featured Willem Dafoe and Usher. 

While that was merely an extended cut of a previous shortened version. The hope is that we see a little more of Upton getting that car wash, because that is a teaser that demands a finale. 

If not, Mercedes-Benz certainly received a great deal of amazing publicity by teaming up with the model the nation just can't get enough of.

As for Upton, it seems she is a winner in more ways than one. 

Sure, she gets more visibility and stays on the minds of sports fans everywhere. But there is also a fairly nice monetary incentive to appear in a Super Bowl commercial. 

E! Online reports the going rate for someone like Upton is an astonishing, "estimated $1 million." When you consider Upton is barely in the commercial with Dafoe and Usher, you realize it's a fairly profitable enterprise to be the "it" girl of the decade. 

The Super Bowl already has a big winner, and it's Kate Upton. 


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