WWE News: Booker T's World Title Announcement Revealed (Spoiler)

Gone Baby GoneContributerFebruary 1, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

It's disclosure time again. If you are not a fan of spoilers, there is no need to read any further.

Especially if you are looking forward to all that WWE has in store for Friday night's SmackDown.

All right, now with that out of the way, it's time to get down to business.

According to WrestlingInc.com:

WWE will announce five of the six Superstars that will compete in the Elimination Chamber match.

Randy Orton, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger and The Great Khali will compete in the match. A sixth participant will be revealed later. The winner will challenge for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 29.

Sadly, it appears the well has run dry on the SmackDown roster. Overall, I am not too thrilled with Kane and The Great Khali being involved in this match. Yes, Kane can still go in the ring, but it's time to give someone else that main-event spot.

Keep in mind, Kane has been in the main-event scene for close to 15 years. Even though he is a proven star with an amazing track record, it shouldn't mean that he should continue to be given spots like this year after year.

Ultimately, I would rather seen Antonio Cesaro, Ryback, or Wade Barrett be involved in this match. This would allow the WWE to continue its youth movement and give these men some much-needed experience in this match.

It should be noted, that there is a reason for not mentioning Dolph Ziggler. The reason being, is he is already guaranteed a World title shot with his "Money in the Bank" briefcase. So, adding him to this match would also be a wasted spot.

In the end, the WWE is going to do what they want and if that means relying heavily on their veteran stars so be it. Sadly, this move could hurt them in the long run. However, we won't know that for sure until a few years down the road.