Jay Paterno on Twitter

Kevin McGuireSenior Analyst IApril 5, 2009

While doing a recent search for some Penn State fans on Twitter, in a sad attempt to gain some visitors to the website, I stumbled upon one interesting Twitter user; Jay Paterno.

It is no secret that Jay Paterno is a little different than his idol of a father. Joe Paterno gave the keynote speech at a Republican National Convention. Jay openly supported Barrack Obama in the 2008 election. Joe doesn't know a thing about Blackberries. Jay is a Twitterin' fool.

Jay usually updates the status of practice schedules in his stream, stating that one practice was full pads, another was rained out, and they had hoped to get in the stadium one day. My favorite was when when the younger Paterno stated that he was getting ready for spring practice...

The link? It goes here.

Keep an eye on Jay Paterno's Twitter feed. Who knows if something special will come from it.

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