Bar Refaeli and Nerd Kiss, Smooch and Slobber in Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial

Gabe ZaldivarSenior Writer IIJanuary 3, 2017

Go Daddy decided to force you to watch supermodel Bar Refaeli make out with a renowned extra as Danica Patrick does the color commentary for its Super Bowl commercial. 

A tip of the hat to Big Lead Sports for spotting the commercial that will signal when I can get up from my seat on Sunday to get another beer. 

It all begins with Patrick explaining the commercial because every Go Daddy ad has to feature the famed driver like every Lakers game has to feature a single tear rolling down Mike D'Antoni's cheek. 

Refaeli represents the sexy side and the nerd represents the smart side. 

There—that is all the explanation you now need to understand why they are about to have a full-on make-out session. 

At about the 11-second mark, you can see Refaeli visibly flinch in much the same way I flinch when I notice quinoa on my plate. 

Her flinching makes sense because AdWeek reports the pair had to shoot this take 45 times, forcing the question as to whether Stanley Kubrick was shooting the commercial. 

We have to second what Big Lead Sports issues: At least this particular Go Daddy ad doesn't promise more sexy on its website, as if seeing something of that ilk were surprising or noteworthy. 

No way, Go Daddy. I can see sexy images on the Internet? What other wonders abound on this marvelous World Wide Web you speak of?

As for our nerd here, he has quite the prolific career of standing in the background when the director says, "Action." Take a gander at Jesse Heiman's IMDB page and be amazed at the growing list of credits.  

Sometimes, when I am reading A Game of Thrones while wearing my Star Wars T-shirt, I am surprised any girl would decide to kiss me. 

So I understand the plight of the nerd, but that hardly makes this commercial more tolerable, especially when you hear the smooching sounds. 

At least we now have an answer to who owns the best job in all the world. That would be our pal, Jesse Heiman. 


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