Jack in the Box's Super Bowl Commercial Is a Hot Mess

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 1, 2013

This is, quite literally, a “Hot Mess.” 

Jack In The Box slips on its acid-washed jeans and goes Twisted Sister in this Super Bowl commercial for their new sandwich—the “Hot Mess.”

The fast-food company’s big-headed mascot “Jack” takes the stage with a hard rocking 80s band and starts slapping some mean bass in this 30-second commercial spot.

The hard-rock groove slamming through the amps is supposed to be the band’s 1989 one-hit wonder “Hot Mess,” named after the oozing onion ring and jalapeno filled burger Jack-in-the-Box has concocted in time for the big game. 

Frankly, a “Hot Mess” burger looks like it could put you in a hospital. But the commercial itself is rocking.

Jack is up there, slinging his mop of 80s rock frizz around and pointing at a foxy little blonde in the front row. 

Oh yea, Jack wants you, mama.

Smash-cuts of the Hot Mess burger in all its greasy glory are thrown in as the tension builds between rock-god Jack and the young lady, until all of the sudden she grabs her shirt and...

“And that’s how I met your mother.”

That’s also how you sell America on a big gooey burger. Well played, Jack.