Why Kobe Bryant Deserves the NBA MVP

Cody PainschabCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2008

Kobe Bryant deserves the MVP after a season like this.

Averaging 28.3 points per game, 6.2 rebounds per game, and 5.3 assists per game, Kobe is the man for MVP.

He has started to trust his team more this year, which has helped a lot and shows he has improved his passing.

LeBron! Sure, he's number one in points per game with 30.7, but look at his team's record: 40-32. Cleveland's just over .500 and would be lucky to get past the first round of the playoffs.

That is why if LeBron gets MVP, it is undeserving. Sure, Kobe has Pau Gasol, who averages 18.8 points per game, but Bynum is hurt and when they get him back it will be different.

Even with those guys, Kobe will still carry the team in the playoffs like an MVP does. Bryant deserves the MVP award because he consistently makes his teammates around him better.

If he scores 60 with no assists, who cares as long as they win? A win is a win. He was hot and could not be stopped. MVPs get hot and sometimes can never be stopped.

If they lose, blame it on the people who missed a wide open shot when Kobe passed it to them, not Kobe. What did he do? He tried and his team screwed it up.

Kobe plays to win and hates losing, which is why he takes over and that is why he should be the 2008 MVP.